Summer Hummer 2012 Update #3

Just finished Champions’ Strictly and WHAT FUN! Louis and Victor – the DJ dream-team, are, as Bill said on the mic, always trying to figure a new way to “bust these guys’ chops” (meaning find some new fun thing to do with their comp music.)

So guess what they did tonight? Each couple got the USOpen routine song of somebody competing tonight. Not their own routine, somebody else’s. SO FUNNY! If you know and love the routines it was beyond hilarious watching them try to pull off the iconic moves from each. If you don’t know the routines (I’m including links to the videos for each) it was still so much fun to watch these guys try to pull off hard stuff which they most of the time couldn’t. Love watching them horse around, play. Their playing is inspirational.

1. Maxence and Torri dancing to Jordan and Tatiana’s “Viva La Vida” and WOW this was not only funny watching them do J&T’s iconic moves it was also beautiful, creative and gorgeously danced.

2. Kielbasa and DeLuca! So great to see them dancing together again – they look great together. To Ben and Melina’s “Chelsea Rodgers.”

3. Greg and Sabrina to Myles and Tessa’s “She Talks To Angels”

4. Sean McKeever and Stephanie McHenry to Kyle and Sarah’s famously brilliant “Johnny B Good”

5. Arjay and Jess to Jen and Kielbasa’s “Din Da Da.” They managed to include Jen’s famous elbow-in-the-air spins, the wild head whips, the back-bend drop where she walks around him to the beat then walks back again, all the little hits … hilarious great great dancing

6. Ben Hooten and Yenni to Arjay and Melissa’s “No Diggity”

7. Myles and Lemery to Ben and Melina’s Juniors routine, “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Burnin’ Love”

8. Chuck and Jill DeMarco to Robert and Nicola’s “One Night of Sin”

9. Jordan and Sarah to Parker and Jessica’s “Love and Happiness/Red Alert” – on “wait a minute something’s going wrong” Jordan’s facing front and Sarah’s suddenly squatting down behind him somehow – we can’t even see her but what we can see is missing of hands, she’s hidden, Jordan looks confused, the whole picture is wrong and then you realize they were that quick, both of them were that quick that they created a moment of “something wrong” and it’s a joke and before you know it boom they’re out and dancing so smoothly it’s stunning. The transition is invisible. Funniest part of this dance – Jordan attempts Parker’s lift (it’s a showcase routine) and bombs, can’t get Sarah up off of his shoulders. But he tells us to wait – he’s gonna try again, and just at the end they try a second time and …. he … manages … not-very-smoothly … but he manages … to get … her … up … there … and YES! Sarah’s in the air! Kinda wiggly and shaky but there she is! Smiling and waving at us! Jordan is not smiling. Funny. So funny.

10. Ben and Tatiana to Kyle and Sarah’s “9 to 5”  – Tat did the arms-of-the-clock part hahaha

11. Robert Royston and Tessa to Jordan and Tatiana’s “Let’s Get It On/Dirty Pop” (their first routine out of Juniors!)

And the All-Skate to Bill’s own 1997 USOpen routine – and as Bill told us “it just goes to show you how bad some choices of music can be!” So funny. I don’t remember the song – I’ll have to ask Bill so I can give you a link here.

Bill couldn’t have been more perfect on the mic for this comp, He loves these people, the Champions, loves the Open, and after each dance told us tidbits and funny stories about each original routine. It was a great comp.

By the way, Ron and Tyoni are here filming for Global Dance TV – you can watch the live stream all weekend here:

It’s free!


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