Summer Hummer 2012 Update #4

Showcase was tonight! Just before the Champion Strictly!

Six great routines – it will be interesting to see how they are judged this time.

Judges: Jessica, Steve Nereen, Anne Fleming, Heidi Mongeau, Donna Roesel, Kyle, and Maira Pineda as chief judge this weekend.

1. Stephen and Sabrina’s beautiful “Somewhere With You” – so many difficult lifts and drops – at one point she jumps up and then drops flat out on the floor one after the other so quickly it’s like one movement – the routine is solid tricks. So hard.

2. The Roystons with their great “Edge of Glory”

3. Rob and Connie with their brand new routine! What a crowd pleaser! The entire ballroom jumped up screaming, whistling and pounding their hands in a standing ovation for this fun, funky, playful piece, full of swing, lifts that stop sharp mid-way, constant contact and conversation with the audience, brimming with jokes … so great! A fabulous joyful thing choreographed entirely by Rob and Connie themselves. Awesome costume too – 60’s retro multi-colored fabric with a bare back, Rob with bits of the fabric decorating an elegant black shirt.

4. Myles and Tessa’s marvelous, mesmerizing “Rolling In The Deep” (they messed up their most dramatic lift – such a shame. Hate to see that happen.)

5. Greg and Lemery to last year’s beautiful “Teenage Dream” (wonder why they’re not doing this year’s “No Diggity”? I’ll have to ask them!)

6. Ben and Rebecca’s great “Little Bad Girl”

Also tonight:

Adv/Allstar Jack and Jill Prelims:

Alysia Bonvino
Rochelle Hoffler
Abi Leggette
Emeline Rochfeuille
Mariel Manzone
Sarah Richard
Shoshi Kushnir
Natalie Gorg
Caroline Amblard
Johanna Barnes
Stephanie Risser
Larysa Krasij
Tammy Greene
Anyssa Olivares
Kim Lashley
Daria Mikloukhina
Anna Kondakova
Catherine Cogut
Angelique Early
Chrissie Bridgeman
Abby Stone
Victoria Andromalos-dale
Tammy Rosen
Sue Lambell
Hannah Clonch
Nicole Clonch
Deb Martinez
Kendra Zara
Priscilla Brown
Kate Lovegrove
Susan Flaminio
Jennifer Edwards
Bonnie Cannon
Whitney Bartlet

Genieboy Collins
Felix Hernandez
Rajeev Hotchandani
Sebastien Cadet
Stephane Schneider
Billy Montgomery
Randy Payne
Jay Tsai
Justin Grubbs
Keith Stremmel
Jerome Louis
Marcus Schwarz
Matthew Smith
Richard Smith
Ewan Dupre
Josh Williamson
Mike Glasgow
Neil Crosbie
Cory Vingi
David Vichules
Ed Francell
Dave Raines
Andrew Mastin
Steve Wilder
Akil Boatwright
Scott Mehlberg
Jerome Subey
Bradley Wheeler
Brian Kidd
Felix Hernandez
Tom Dennesen

Oops I don’t seem to have finals! Thought I did … daggnabbit. I’ll get them.

Also Adv/Allstar Strictlys:

Here are the finalists, I’ll write up prelim couples tomorrow:

Rajeev and Blandine
Jerome Louis and Natalie Gorg
Cameron Crook and Nicole Clonch
Joe Mahoney and Abby Stone
Chris Lo and Abi Leggette
Anthony Derosa and Kelly Hull
Josh Williamson and Estelle
Warren and Jen Diener
Rob Jackson and Chevy (Chevy is a blonde! it’s gorgeous!)
Stephen White and Connie
Kris Swearingen and Virginie
Chris Dumond and Hannah
Steve Hunt and Rachel
Rob Glover and Emmeline
alts Reginald Beason and Whitney Bartlett
Jerome Subey and Daria Mikloukhina


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