Summer Hummer 2012 Update #5

GB left the ballroom at 3 and says it was seriously rocking, GREAT energy. Victor texted at 6:15 am to say he was about to hand over DJing to Louis, 40 people still on the floor. Ha! Crazy great! I’m sure some of those cwazy people are competing at this very moment cause we have just started Jack and Jills.

[two hours have passed: insert one of Louis’ show tunes or tv theme songs here]

Just finished Novice, Newcomer, and Champion JJ prelims. Funny how you can feel it in the ballroom on Saturday morning when last night’s social dancing was electric. All around you are faces still on an adrenaline high after two hours of sleep and you just feel a little somethin’ somethin’ in the air. The walls buzz and crackle. Electricity.

And the pool party is just around the corner! And Classic! There’s just excitement in the air today.

Champions’ JJ prelim songs just played:
“1,2,3,4” (Coolio),
“Finally Moving” (Pretty Lights), and
“Wild Ones” (Sia)

For Champion finals, tonight (another exciting thing about today) both leaders and followers will pick their own songs. Love when they do this for the Champions. Fun for us as much as for them cause: you learn what sound speaks to each person’s heart, you see them dancing to music that truly moves them, you get to Shazam their song.


1. The first link in Update #3, for Jordan and Tatiana’s “Viva La Vida” was incorrect. Here’s the correct link:

2. Last night was the Advanced JJ, not combined Advanced/Allstar.  Cause tonight’s program kicks off with the Allstar JJ (another exciting thing about today.)

Buffet last night YUUUM. When you’ve been dancing and cheering for hours, ravenous enough to eat your neighbors’ hands, it is GREAT to have mounds of eggs, scrumptiously greasy potatoes, bacon bacon baconnnnnn, and all that other yum breakfast stuff.

And in ten minutes we get to stuff again at the pool party! Which means hamburger buffet yum! I gotta quit writing and get down there.

Courtney’s hair is way longer and blonder. So pretty! Becca wore 5″ heels and a short short dress for judging this morning. Sizzlin hot.

Okay NOW I’m going down to the hamburgers.

BRENNAR IS HERE!!! Home from boot camp! What a hunk – even buffer than before, and no hair. He looks bad ass.

Okay NOW I’m going to those hamburgers.


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