Desert City 2012 Update #8


AUGHGHGH! On my way to airport! AUGHGHGH! Rushing rushing return rental car where’s a gas station hope I don’t crash what is the PROBLEM with google maps can’t read this STUPID Ipad while I’m driving luggage feels too heavy gonna be a problem hope I didn’t leave anything in the room please no giant boob in the sky please please …

Lots to tell but no time at this exact moment, yesterday SO FUN SO SO FUN

Novice Winners
5th Sean Carney and Karla Catana
4th Joel Van Bergen and Celina Omori
3rd Montriel Jamari and Angela Baker
2nd Mike Carringer and Trisha Anderson
1st Place Matt Richey and Temre Brandt

Intermediate Winners
5th Nick Moor with Maddy Finley
4th CJ with Mikky Finley
3rd Jason Bryan with Victoria Henk
2nd Thomas Carter with Kelly Reis
1st Place Bret Navarre with Skye LaPointe

Advanced Winners
5th Josh Williamson with Auntonya
4th Andrew Slac with Regina Shpigel
3rd Kevin Bretney with Hannah Clonch
2nd Jerome Louis with Terra Deva
1st Place John Piper with Nicole Clonch

All-Star Winners
5th Brad Whelan with Wendy Miller
4th Alfred with Malia
3rd Patrick Toepel with Jessica Pacheca
2nd Ben McHenry with Chelsea Spika
1st Place Chris Dumond with Janelle

Champion Winners
5th Maxence with Sarah
4th Maxence with Tara
(“Maxence and Sarah, Maxence and Tara! Maxence and Sarah, Maxence and Tara!” lalala new Maxence song sorry I’m rushing I’m not right in the head)
3rd Arjay and Patty Vo
2nd Ben and Jen (um, “Ben and Jen, Ben and Jen, Ben and Jen” sorry sorry can’t help it)
1st Place Jordan and Roooooooootz



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