Desert City 2012 Update #7

Good Morning Dezzzert Citaaaay!

[stretch]   [yawwwn]    [stretchhh]

Hey youse! Howya’ do-win?!?

It is a BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS windy sunny lovely Arizona day today! Puffy clouds, blue skies, palm trees waving hi …  Distant sounds of splashing and laughing float up into my balcony from the big pool and waterfalls just down the mountain …

I haven’t mentioned late-nite dancing which has been the real highlight of the weekend so far. Packed ballroom both Friday and last night, well into daylight. In fact people only left this morning when the first workshop started. Room parties, balcony parties, pool parties, hot-tub parties around every corner.

On the agenda for today, Jack and Jill finals. That’s all! Beginning at 1pm our time, which is 5pm in Rio de Janeiro – happy hour! – so I think it’s a good idea to have a Peach Bellini balcony brunch right now to get ready.

Final Awards at 4 or so, dinner, pool, and another night of dancing until this time tomorrow.

Perfect combination here of seriousness (you feel the respect for our dance – the highest standards in judging, the highest demands and expectation from the dancers) combined with plain all-out fun and the breathless joy of dancing.

Desert City is on our Short List.

Don’t forget to slap Victor!


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