Desert City 2012 Update #4 SCHEDULE CHANGE


Intermediate SEMI-FINALS added to schedule.

An Intermediate Jack and Jill Semi-Final division is now scheduled for 7pm this evening. Intermediate Semi-Finalists are:

Callbacks for Intermediate Semi-Finalist Leaders:
Hareesh Kapoor
Robert Campos
Joshua Flores
Thomas Carter
Peter Elliott
Samy Kaye Powers
Joshua Danger Baine
Alex Waller
Cesario Dos Santos
Marlon Mills
Nick Moor
James Cook
Micael Picard
Jason Creel
CJ Wheelock
Bruce Randall
TJ Benash
David Guido
Jason Bryan
Justin Zadro
Joseph Ivy
Christopher Sizelove
Bret Navarre
Patrick Plagens
(Alternate: Alphonso Aquilar)

Callbacks for Intermediate Semi-Finalist Followers:
Denise Gibson
Amanda Thompson
Blair Greenfield
Skye LaPointe
Leigh Young
Amita Sekhon
Kelly Reis
Victoria Henk
Debi Shawl
Rehanna Loncar
Isabelle Duverne
Christy Parker
Jessica Murray
Ashley Randall
Laura Klipp
Vivian Glucksman-Weiss
Madelyn Finley
Madison Malone
Sammi Sekhon
Bonnie Lucas
Kristen Humphrey
Rachel Cureton
Rachel Kumar
Mikaila Finley
(Alternate: Heather Sturgeon)

Are you friends with any of these folks? Please text, call, facebook, email, or let them know in person!


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