Boogie By The Bay 2012 Update #7

Here’s who danced in Champion Prelims:

Mark The Marine
John Lindo
Robert Royston
Ben Morris
Greg Scott
Tall Paul
Ben McHenry
Jason Marker
Robert Cordoba
Virginie Perga
Annmarie Marker
Michelle Kinkaid
Cat Wiles
Jen Deluca
Deborah Szekely
Nicola Royston
Jill Demarco
Samantha Buckwalter

Here’s Champion J&J Prelims Music:
“Feel So Close”
“Starships” (Alex G version)
“Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”

And here’s Champion Prelims Judges:
Dani, Yvonne, Carlito, Peter, Mario, Sylvia, and Chief Judge Kelly


Champion J&J Finals

To celebrate Boogie’s 20 Anniversary the choices were either slow blues or fast “contemporary” circa 2000-2005 (which is not actually contemporary. I mean, it used to be contemporary. Twelve years ago. But now it needs a different name, like “not contemporary” or “contemporary a long time ago.”)

Judges for this division: Mario, Bess, Yvonne, Carlito, Peter, Dani, Sylvia, and Chief Judge Kelly

1. Benji and Tessa to “Wish I Didn’t Miss You” (Angie Stone) – Beautiful dancing, these two together. Lyrical-meets-West-Coast, creative, risky, dynamic, and nobody fell on the floor!

2. Kyle and Sarah (they drew each other!) to “Bring It On Home” (Kenny Neal)

3. Robert Cordoba and Brandi to “Just Got Paid” (‘N Sync)  Both of these dancers so subtle, quiet, quick, understated, witty, sensitive – great partnership.

4. Arjay and Sharlot to “I Don’t Know” (Janiva Magness) – Mesmerizing. Arjay is a chameleon with an amazing ability to adapt to any woman’s style, to understand the essence of how she expresses herself and not only dance that way himself but provide for her a stage on which she can shine. This dance was mesmerizing, so thoroughly Sharlot – shy, elegant, quiet, dramatic. The ballroom was silent as if they cast a spell on every one of us watching – the only sound was their shoes barely sliding across the floor as they floated from one end to the other, following each others’ momentum. Gorgeous dancing.

5. Robert Royston and Jessica to “Let’s Walk” (Austin de Lone)

6. Myles and Melissa to “Big Walter” (Jean-Jacques Milteau)

7.  John Lindo and Deborah Szekely to “All For You” (Janet Jackson)

8. Parker and Torri to “Don’t Stop Movin’ ” (S Club 7)

9. Ben McHenry and Jen (Ben-n’-Jen, Ben-n’-Jen) to “Come On Over” (Christina Aguilera)

10. Ben Morris and Samantha Buckwalter to “Tilt Ya Head Back” (Nelly)

And the All-Skate to “Back For The Taste Of Your Love” (Jonny Lang)


Here’s who danced in Allstar JJ Prelims:

Michael Diener
Chris Dumond
Steve Reiling
Josh Sturgeon
Doug Silton
Rob Jackson
Kurt Senser
Martin Casillas
Jason Taylor
Brandon Gautreaux
Brad Whelan
Daniel Guido
Dana Simonetti
Alyssa Alden
Helen Tocco
Shannon Tobin
Amanda Warren
Angie Bryan
Sharon Her
Joanna Meinl
Simone Andrade
Lara Deni
Jenn Diener
Pamela Podmoroff

All Star J&J Finals were Spotlight format, dancers had a choice of slow blues or fast contemporary (Beth DJing).

Judges for Allstar Finals: Sylvia, Kelly, Sharlot, Laureen, Mark, John Lindo, and CJ Kelly

1. Alfred and Taylor to “Imma Go” (Taio Cruz) – Alfred at his kooky, creative, funny best; Taylor following it all while looking like a movie star.

2. Brad Whelan and Elyse, “She’s Taking Me To Heaven” (The Crawl)

3. PJ and Chevy, “More” (Usher) Have you danced with PJ or Chevy? If not you must! They are both amaaaaazingly great dancers, fun, kind, both very athletic and both FULL of energy. So they’re tearing up the floor when BOOM! down they go, falling on top of each other and rolling, rolling, rolling across the floor almost like two kids rolling down a hill, from the momentum of having been dancing at 95 miles per hour. And they roll to a stop and without missing a beat up they go and they’re back dancing again. Their fellow competitors leaped from their seats along the back of the stage, waving their towels in the air, clapping and screaming … the whole ballroom jumped to their feet cheering in applause. Grace: “This only proves my theory that anything that John Lindo does becomes a move. They say ‘Lindo did it … well I can do it too!’ Honey, I invented that move. I do that move every morning putting on my panty-hose.”

4. JB and Malia, “Wild Turkey 101 Proof” (Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne)

5. Chris and Cameo, “Me, U & The Music” – man oh man Cameo’s control! Was that a pirouette while ducking out, into more pirouettes in the other direction?!?

6. Conor and Joanna, “Please Don’t Go” (Mike Posner)

7. Shaheed and Helen, “Moves Like Jagger”

8. Daniel Guido and MacKenzie, “Tonight Is The Night”

9. Ryan and Janelle, “Let’s Go” (Calvin Harris) Stunning. Including the part where Ryan’s shoe came loose so he kicked it across the room. To the beat, of course. Grace: “Just call him ‘Cinderfella.’  Honey, my skirt fell off once when I stood up on an airplane, so seriously, that’s nothing.”

10. Jason and Stacy, “Do I Have to Go That Far?” (Kenny Neal)

11. Rob and Kara, “Blues Stew” (Kenny Neal)

12. Dawne and Cameron, “I Can Only Imagine” (Chris Brown & David Guetta)

13. Doug and Colleen, “Movin’ On” (Volker Strifler Band) – So smooth! Fast footwork with quiet upper-bodies – mostly closed position as they glided across the floor – this was almost shag-like. Gorgeous dancing.

And the final All-Skate to “Payphone” (the Alex G version)


Here’s who danced in Advanced JJ Prelims:

Koichi Tsunoda
Matt Nichols
Andy Vanosdale
Marcus Sterling
Clint Glasgow
Steven Guido
Kevin Kane
Chris Toll
Alan Annicella
Jay Tsai
Brandon Manning
Matthew Taylor
Brad Wheeler
Greg Filzen
Bret Navarre
Carson Brand
Evan Pardo
Dave Kahn
Joe Broderick
CJ Caraway
Cameron Martinez
John Piper
Forrest Hanson
Steven Van Nguyen
George Gobel
Josh Williamson
Sue Lambell
Elena Kon
Leilani Nakagawa
Leigh Young
Dawn Sgarlata
Rochelle Hoffler
Giselle Jagai
Libbaaaaay Collins (She’s back in Oz boo hoo waaaa. We need to get her back here permanently.)
Maddy Finley
Marina Gutsch
Milena Esherick
Anyssa D-Up Olivares
Kristi Deschuytter
Heather Powers
Shanti Davis
Susan Brown
Jessica Greer
Anya Crane
Samantha Ward
Tammy Rosen
Hannah Clonch
Alaina Sisley
Liana Claxton
Catherine Cogut
Erica Ross
Jessica Rosenbloom
Delanie Lewis
Terra Deva
Rachel Baumgardner
Brina Cimino
Debbie Noble
Auntonya Rogers
Megan Montana
Christina Parker

And the Advanced Finals couples were:

Clint and Heather
Brett and Jessica Greer
Steven Guido and Terra
Joe and Samantha
Josh and Anyssa (yes, they drew each other!)
Steven Van Nguyen and Rachel
Carson and Hannah
Kevin and Leigh
Evan and Shanti
CJ and Marina
Andy and Maddy
Piper and Liana
Matthew Taylor and Anya
Matt Nichols and Alaina

Dancing (in one heat) to:
“Show Me” (Usher)
“Ultimate Insult” (Anuhea)
“Tell Me What I Did Wrong” (Janiva Magness)
“Sixteen Tons” (Tom Jones)


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