Boogie By The Bay 2012 Update #4


We just finished buffet dinner (comes with your ticket – chicken, cheesecake, pasta with meat marinara, lemon meringue pie, rotelli alfredo, coconut cream pie, steamed veggies, apple pie, romaine and cucumber salad, boston double fudge cream pie) and now I can’t fit into my clothes.

Forgot to mention: Tara Trafzer is okay. I heard a big box or speaker fall on the floor last night during Strictlys, turned my head to continue watching Tara dance just at the moment she was pulling herself up from the floor. I said Wait did Tara fall? and everyone around me said You didn’t you hear that? That was her HEAD! I said you’re kidding holy crap and we all watched Tara dance as if nothing had happened, smiling and seeming to be fine. She says she has no memory of anything after hitting the floor, doesn’t remember finishing the dance at all, walking off the floor, nothing. Tara’s mom – Lee Ann – says they took her to the hospital last night and she does indeed have a concussion, some swelling at the base of her skull, is watching for signs of nausea, dizziness, or anything out of the ordinary, and has been advised against practicing her Showcase routine. But she is fine. Totally fine. Nothing to worry about!

Except maybe Earl Pingel who, an hour later, walked over and wopped her a good one on the back of the head to say Heya! Howya doin! Tara said fine but don’t hit me in the head I’m concussed and Earl said Yeah right hahaha that’s a funny one Tara! Tara said no really I fell I’ve got a concussion. So from now on when I see Earl I’m going to cringe and duck, saying “don’t hit me don’t hit me.”

Anyway – for those who might be worrying – Tara is fine. Just taking it a little bit easy.

Yesterday’s Strictly songs: (Thank you Beth!)

Novice Prelims:
Holly Brown
Cause I Said So
Let’s Stay Together
Pride And Joy

Novice Finals:
A Good Time With The Blues
The Tracks of My Tears
Love You Like a Love Song
Movin’ and Groovin’

Intermediate Prelims:
Mr. So and So
Dedication to My Ex
Let Me Go My Merry Way

Intermediate Finals:
Further On Up the Road
Man in The Mirror
Don’t Turn Out The Lights
Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

Advanced Prelims:
The Pleasure’s All Mine
Looking for Love
Me, U & The Music
Try Matty’s

Advanced Finals:
I’m On To You
Something Like Olivia
Imma Go
Dock Of The Bay

All Star Prelims:
What’s Up With That
Take My Love With You
Back In Time
Down in the Valley

All Star Finals:
Sweet Home Chicago
Rescue Me
Don’t Cry On My Shoulder

Masters Final:
You Got Me Runnin’
Let’s Get It On
How Sweet It Is

Champion Prelims:
Booty Voodoo
Finally Moving
Fly Me To The Moon
Bed For My Soul

Today has been JJ prelims all day. Novice went to semis, everything else was a prelim, with finals tomorrow.

And now for routines! I am so excited – always SO love this part of a weekend – it’s my favorite part. All the work, the blood-sweat-and-tears, that go into these routines, the years of training, hope, frustration, discipline, passion and commitment that go into these routines – this is the part where you see the love for this dance most clearly.  They’ll all tell you that the time and effort is all worth it for this moment, putting your piece of work on the floor out there, having the audience applaud for you, for what you’ve done. I just love this part. Can’t wait to see the new ones that are going out there tonight for the first time, in anticipation of the Open next month.

Speaking for myself, I am so very sad that I don’t get to see Jordan and Tatiana, or Kyle and Sarah, dance tonight. There’s a big hole here this weekend where Jordan – the very first winner of Jack and Annie’s Scholarship – and Tatiana, the second winner of the scholarship the following year – used to be, have always been, for thirteen years. It feels weird for them to not be here this weekend, or dancing tonight. For me, that is. I’m sure many people don’t even notice. But for me it’s sad. Their routines are dazzling, their dancing is astonishing. Their routines inspire me.

But there are so many events now and the time has passed when all the greatest pros in the community could all show up at one event. Those days are over! Now there are multiple events around the globe, every weekend of the year. Only the USOpen … maybe! … will, hopefully, be able to gather everyone in one spot.

Anyway. There will be plenty of wonderfulness to see tonight, even without these two beloved and extraordinary couples.

And down to the ballroom I go! Love this part!


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