Boogie By The Bay 2012 Update #2

Everybody arriving, so exciting, the lobby and atrium are buzzing with crowds of raggedy dancers towing suitcases and neck-cushions, arriving from all over the world. This is the greatest lobby/registration area. Something about it, the height and skylights way at the top, walking four steps down to register, the ballroom doors right there – something about the flow or feng shui of it is great.

Lots of juniors checking in this afternoon – I’ve said it a million times but I do love when Juniors are at a comp – changes the whole feel, makes the whole event feel more playful, creative, energetic, funny, goofy, and in an odd way more serious – you kind of feel like you’re taking care of your young people and you’re taking care of the future of your dance, both at the same time.

Registration here is a breeze – tables stretching the length of the atrium with a row of smiling laughing happy faces to greet you and sign you in. All volunteers, club members, who every year seem to be having just too much fun. They do have registration down, though. Been at it a long time here and they know what they’re doing. And this is San Francisco after all, where things are done right.

We are just about to kick into high gear. Strictlys in an hour (6pm on the program,) semi-finals, all levels.

There is a judges meeting occuring at this moment.  Geeeeesh,  wonderrrrr whaaaat is being discusssssssed therrrrre.

Strictly finals follow at 8pm, then Stricly Lindy, and last of all tonight Champions Strictly at 11. That will be fun.

Corrections! That last link for flying airplane seats didn’t work – here’s the correct one: American Airlines Flying Seats

Got any more corrections? Not that I’ve ever needed correcting.

I do welcome all corrections, additions, or comments, though! If you want to put your two cents in just drop me a line and let me know if it’s repeatable, printable, or not.

Which reminds me … this update-writing has ruined my relationships. People greet me like this, “Hi Liza! Nice to see you! DON’T PUT THAT IN YOUR UPDATE.”


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