US Open 2012 Update #8


1st Place Jordan and Tatiana
2 Ronnie and Brandi
3 Kyle and Sarah
4 Gary and Susan
5 Maxime and Virginie Perga

1st Place Benji and Torri
2 Myles and Tessa
3 Ronnie and Laureen
4 Rob and Connie
5 Rome and Chevy

Young Adult
1st Place Chris and Nicole
2 Ludavich and Beverly
3 Josh and Anyssa
5 Akil and Alexis

1st Place Gary and Susan
2 Ethan and Nicki
3 Ronnie and Brandi
4 TDC Senior Company
5 David Weise and Melissa Rutz

1st Place Bill and Lorraine
2 Warren and Laurie
3 Tom and Rhonda
4 Chips and Janice
5 Wayne and Cindy

1st Place Kurt and Heather
2 Luis and Joanna
3 Kevin and Tammy
4 Shane and Keri
5 Tom and Sossy

1st Place The Fly Rights
2 Thunder from Down Under
3 LA Shag
4 Project Swing

Champion Strictly
1st Place Ben and Torri
2 Jordan and Melissa
3 Robert Royston and Deborah
4 Maxime and Alyssa
5 Benji and Patty

Open Strictly
1st Place Reginald Beason and Blandine
2 Ryan and Janelle
3 JB and Elise
4 Hugo and Kara
5 Joanna and Lee

Junior Strictly
1st Place Cameron and Nicole
2 Akil and Victoria
3 Josh and Beverly
4 Chris and Hannah
5 Steven Guido and Anyssa

Masters Strictly
1st Place  Warren and Peggy
2 Louis and Bess
3 Gary Thompson and Laurie Schaeffer
4 Don Welch and Lorraine
5 Martin Brown and Milly

Golden Ticket
1st Place Stephen White and Nicole Clonch
2 Shaheed and Malia
3 Diego and Sabrina


2 responses to “US Open 2012 Update #8

  1. Correction to Young Adult. They misplaced Josh & Anyssa with the French couple. Josh & Anyssa received 2nd Place after awards for the mishap. Please update quickly to avoid more confusion.

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