US Open 2012 Update #7

Running down for Young America, Young Adult and Cabaret!

Last night’s Classic was OFF. THE. CHAIN.  Jordan and Tatiana’s new Tron reflective-tape routine they are SUPER-HUMANS AUGHGHGHGH!! Ronnie and Brandi’s GORGEOUS story-telling!! Kyle and Sarah’s funk! Sebastien and Blandine so so French angst STUNNING searingly beautiful new one, Sean and Courtney, Brent and Kellese! AUGHGHGH!, … so many new ones so much to tell about!

Phil Adams and “Cameo’s mom and dad” (The Crosses) inducted into Hall of Fame …

31 Classic routines yesterday afternoon – THIRTY ONE! Most of which should have made the cut into finals. I’m not joking, it really was like that. That strong.

Jack and Jill winners were announced (for Novice, Inter, and Advanced) but I wasn’t in the ballroom so missed them – they’ll be posted tonight after Awards …

Okay, down to see the new up and coming superstars – the juniors!

Oh, and do not scuff the floor in this hotel’s restaurant. More about this later.


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