NASDE rules will be changed for 2013.

Member events will double their contribution to the prize fund which will mean $24,000 paid out as the year-end award (or $26,000 if there are 13 member events.)

In addition, NASDE will set a standard for judging panels (the NASDE Judging Standard) the key points being:

– No fewer than seven judges for Classic and Showcase
– No more than three judges from the same club/region/studio
– No couples (i.e. married or unmarried partners)
– At least half of the panel must have competed in NASDE Classic or Showcase
– No more than three will be NASDE event directors
– A code of conduct to include (among other factors):
Judges will not discuss or make public their scores or preferences before awards are announced;
Discussion after awards are to take place in an appropriate place and manner

These and other decisions were reaches at an extended NASDE meeting held this morning at the Open. This will mark the first increase in member contribution and prize money in thirteen years and is expected to be followed by further increases and much larger year end awards. This measure is intended to strengthen the stature and of NASDE, to attract the best of the best, and further the goal of ensuring that NASDE is the standard of excellence in the West Coast Swing community, continuing the tradition that the NASDE tour crowns the best west coast dancers in the world.

These and other changes are to be announced tonight after Classic and are expected to create quite a buzz.


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