US Open 2012 Update #6


Champion Strictly:

Sean and Sarah
Jordan and Melissa
Maxime and Alyssa
Michael Kielbasa and Virginie Grondin
Robert Royston and Deborah Szekely
Benji and Patty
Kyle and Tatiana
Maxence and Jill Demarco
Ben Morris and Torri

Open Strictly:

Gregory Lebedev and Katia
Diego and Jessica
Arnaud and Estelle
Rob Jackson and Heather Powers
Andrew Opychral and Cintia Fiaschi
Zsigmond Marias and Izabella Kowalska
JB and Elise
Hugo and Kara
Warren and Irina
Stephen White and Dawne Kiehm
James J and Chevy
Lee and Joanna
Ryan and Janelle
Reginald Beason and Blandine
alt Sheven and Jenn Pasetes

Classic Finalists (we saw 31 classic routines today in semis! astounding day!):

Maxime and Virginie Perga
Luis and Taletha
Jordan and Tatiana
Sebastien and Blandine
Brent and Kellese
Shaheed and Rachele
Lee and Fabienne
Clint and MacKenzie
Ronnie and Brandi
John Kirkonnel and Alyssa
Sean and Courtney
Gary and Susan
Ben and Cameo
Arthur and Colleen
Kyle and Sarah

Running down for Masters!


2 responses to “US Open 2012 Update #6

  1. Staying home with Mom this Holiday…thank-you so very much for all the updates…great job…sounds like a fabulous show…haven’t been around to tune in on Global TV so your updates are wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving weekend…

    • Jeannie it is a fantastic weekend and – I can say this to you knowing you’ll know exactly what I mean –  it is an interesting weekend,  too, from an “anthropological” viewpoint. It would be even more fun if you were here. 

      ……………………………………. This is my AWESOME new Note 2 and I am in Gadget Heaven.  

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