US Open 2012 Update #4

What a Showcase!

People shaking their heads in complete disbelief, tears in their eyes, just stunned. The division ended and the place exploded with people running around everywhere exclaiming how this was the best Showcase they’ve ever seen, ever, crowds of people in the aisles, the halls, the lobby, the bar, the restaurant, the elevators – the place was just buzzing with amazed excited delighted energy.

What a show!

For starters, there were seventeen couples! This may have been the largest Showcase in 30 years. A few couples who were a little weak, could have used more time to clean up and strengthen their performances.  But every other routine was so strong, so interesting, so different one from the other. I wouldn’t know how to begin to judge between them.

And then there were the top couples who were simply fantastic. The music choices this year are superb. Choreography has turned a corner – with this division it is clear that our dance has taken a huge leap forward.

And then. Benji and Torri.

“Flabbergasted” is the only word that comes to mind.

I turned to see behind me an entire table of people looking like they’d been hit by a stun-gun or witnessed an alien spaceship landing in the ballroom. Genieboy said “What Was THAT? I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I JUST SAW!”

Watch it on TV! I recommend springing for the $35 for full online access. You will watch these routines, mesmerized, over and over again – I guarantee it!

Global Dance TV US Open 2012

I will give lengthier descriptions in a later Update but for now (before we run down for strictlys and Classic semis) here’s the speedy summary:

1. Scott and Marina to “HIgher” (Taio Cruz acoustic version) – he’s strong, she’s gorgeous, quick and bendy

2. Brett and Tara, “Northwest of Ju Ju” – wonderful guitar and drum instrumental, complex rythms, small precise subtle movements, silences filled with dance, dramatic end

3. Eddie and Elyse, “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” – double cartwheels smooth and controlled while in the air, as if they slow down and get graceful at what should be the most awkward part of a cartwheel.

4. Myles and Tessa, “Let’s Get It On” (some marvelous acoustic soulful version) – got to be the sexiest, most soulful, romantic, heartfelt interpretation of this song ever.

5. Luis and Jenn, “Fight For Me” what a difference two weeks makes! Her quicknessb and confidence have just changed the routine completely since the last time we saw it.

6. Stephen and Sabrina, “Somewhere With You” like fluffy white fur and feathers flying through the air – Sabrina’s platinum hair is longer now and looks fabulous whipping around – so dramatic

7. Robert and Nicola, “Mercy” (Duffy, but an even more raw acoustic version) – BAD ASS! Best they’ve ever danced, ever. They got 15 years younger overnight.  Energetic, dancerly posture, best lines and control we’ve seen them accomplish.

8. Sebastien and Laura, “Dream On” he’s sexier and stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger, she’s a ballerina with shockingly long limbs and extensions and the most gorgous costume ever

9. Ronnie and Laureen, “Bring It On Home” by Sister Hazel what great music what great choreography what awesome interpretation what terrific costumes what a joyful couple aughghgh!

10. Rob and Connie, “I Feel Good” – they TORE it up! Best they’ve ever danced it. Little teeny tiny Connie is a powerhouse. The audience laughing and clapping thoughout, leaped to their feet in a standing ovation at the end. (Saw Rob immediately after and he was so pleased he couldn’t even talk, all he could do was make dopey laugh-grunt sounds, shaking his shoulders up and down.)

11. Didier and Blandine “You May Not Want To Listen To Music Again” terrific song, terrific choreography, she is a STUNNING dancer, mesmerizing


13. Rome and Chevy, “Dog Days” I love this routine! I love this song! I love her blonde hair! I love their new elegant velvet and gold Victorian-meets-Hollywood costumes! Her power and control! So so glad to see them dancing in Classic!

14.  Greg and Lemery, “In Your Eyes” – gorgeous dramatic operatic piece, strings, long stretching silences, tearful pauses, moves from far corner of the floor to the other, ending precisely in the center. The DC community has now seen this twice in the last two weeks, to tears and standing ovations.  All of DC is watching with high expectations for this routine.

15. Ben Hooten and Deborah Szekely, “I’m Bad” – Deborah looks like a teenager! So cute with perky red hair and her crinkly little smile. Adorable routine.

16. Arnaud and Maelle, “Heartless” another adorable French couple with quick sharp movements, sweet routine.

17. Patrick and Lisa, rghgh forgetting the song at the moment but man is she sexy. She has one of those sway backs and rolling hips that were made to do west coast swing.

Sorry just got called down … charging out of here late as usual without editing hope no typos …..

Classic semis now AUGHGHGH this is way too much fun the most fun ever in my entire life ever I’m having time of my life I love this dance ….


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