US Open 2012 Update #3

Seating at the Open is arranged a little differently than at other events. Two rows of chairs along the floor level itself, a row of box-seat tables above these and six rows of risers behind these.

Yesterday the entire left half of the floor – the first row of seats right on the floor – was filled with 30-40 screaming cheering Frenchies jumping up and waving a collection of French flags every time a compatriot walked onto the floor – in other words every five minutes all day long.

Down on the other end the entire right half of the floor was screaming cheering Russians waving Russian flags and jumping up cheering every time a Russian walked onto the floor, also every five minutes.

In the middle of the floor a smaller group of Brasilians (don’t know if more are due to show up today) and as I’ve said before when it comes to boisterous enthusiasm one Brasilian is equal to seven Europeans combined.

So it was a loud energetic day with ridiculously great dancing at the lower levels as well as Advanced and Allstar.

So much fun to have these rowdy competitive international crowds here!  It does feel like the World Cup.

Advanced Jack and Jill Finals

1. Arnaud Perga (France) with Lisa Toepel (Denver) to “Release” (Timbaland)

2. Maxime Zzaoui (France) with Irina Amzashvill (Irvine) to “Me U And The Music”

3. Clint Glasgow (Oz) with Virginie Perga (France) to “Dancing In The Dark” (Dev)

4. Ewan Dupre (Montreal via France) with Terra Deva (California) to “Give Me Everything” (Pitbull)

5. Sebastien (France) with Izabella Kowalska (Budapest) to “Wild Ones” (Sia)

6. Edson Modesto (Brasil) with Emmeline (France) to “Closer” (Ne-Yo)

7. Shane Mcintyre (Colorado) with Beverly Brunerie (France) to “Only Girl” (Rihanna)

8. Brady (Oz) with Katia Avlasevich (Moscow) to “Little Bad Girl” (David Guetta)

9. Lee and Fabienne (UK routine partners! they drew each other hahaha) to oops didn’t get the song …

And the All-Skate to “Best You Ever Had” and “Move Across The River”

MELINA IS PREGNANT! Melina and Scott are going to have a baby! YAAAY! And I think I’ve mentioned but if not: Bridget is pregnant too! Arjay and Bridget are going to have a baby! Yaaay Yaaaay double triple yay!!

Heading down for the competitors’ meeting … Allstar finals in a few …


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