Spotlight New Year’s 2012 Update #1


So much fun here at Spotlight! So far today JJ prelims and semis – finals (all Masters, and Novice through Advanced – all spotlight!!) in an hour.  Later tonight Allstar/Pro JJ finals … and … the highlight … what we are hearing is gonna be a BAD ASS extremely heelarious routine division – ” Bookends.” WHAT FUN!!

Been here since Thursday night and feel like we’re eating our way through the weekend so far – feeling bloated and happy.

Friday Pro/Allstar Strictlys so funny – big screen at the corner of the floor and on it, before each couple danced, Doug showed a video clip of a famous routine move which the couple had to incorporate into their dance (all dances were spotlight.) For the first few the audience was polite but once we realized that the funny part was watching the leader’s face as he tried to figure out how to get the move in there, once we saw the leaders red-faced and sweaty, struggling under pressure, we were relentless, like vultures thirsty for blood screaming “NOW! NOW! DO IT NOW!”

Brennar and Annemarie got Tatiana’s famous drop to the floor in “More” (to “Move Across The River”)

Kris and Melissa Greene got Sarah’s final fist-pumping twirl in “Johhny B Good” (to “Fine Brown Frame”)

Jeff Mumford and Rebecca got Tatiana’s pivot-on-her-knees in “More” (which Rebecca executed on her butt and danced the rest of the dance in black pants that were so dusty from sweeping the floor it looked like they came with bleached cheeks) (to “Let The Good Times Roll”)

Mike Glasgow and Erica Smith got Kyle and Sarah’s lindy hand-waving thing (what’s that called? it’s not lindy hand-waving thing – there’s a name for it) from “Johnny B Good” (to “Sweet Home Chicago”)

Angel and Debbie got Jen DeLuca’s laid-out feet-walking-around move from “Din Daa Daa” which Debbie did, like, three times, so then Angel laid out flat and stepped around Debbie (to “Ain’t Jivin I’m Jammin’ “)

Jason Marker and Taletha got Kyle and Sarah’s 14,000 rock-and-go whip hip catches followed by 14,000 turns and a final bow – Johnny B Good – the bow was the funniest part to “Ya 3x”

Mike Konkel and Stephanie Ciaglo got Benji and Kellese’s Diablo Rojo, the part where Benji does multiple one-legged spins finished by throwing a leg over her head while Kellese lays out on the floor in a back-bend. Well they were dancing just fine but Mike just wasn’t putting the trick in there and time was running out. Talk about screaming for blood!  The audience went berserk goading him DO IT DO IT NOW MIKE NOW! until finally he set it up, did his spin and was about to lift his leg over her head but oops there was Stephanie just standing there looking confused. So he set it up again, spun around again, but there was Stephanie again just standing there. So he set it up a third time but this time when he came around he stopped, put his hands on the top of her head and pushed her down so he could do the leg thing. It was hilarious. Stephanie says when they showed the video she never saw the back-bend part, she was only looking at Benji.

Matt and Colleen got Tatiana’s roll on the floor from “Viva” (to “Don’t Wanna Go Home”) and Matt, being Matt, did not only that trick but every other trick that had been shown so far, including Mike and Stephanie’s new head-pushing-down trick.

Arthur and Crystal got Tatiana’s famous Pump-It roll (to “Brokenhearted”)

And the All-Skate, to Gagnam Style, with Kyle and Sarah’s backwards neck-drop pull-through-his-legs.

Hilarious division.

Last night’s Awards for Strictlys –

1. Genieboy!! and Joann
2. Larry Hough and Julie Epplett
3. Wayne and Cindy

1. Larry Powers and Rachel Detain
2. Guy and Anne Pew
3. John Rosda and Anne Berklin

1. Wesley and Maria
2. Chris Evers and Laura
3. Kyler and Faith

1. Nelson and Naomi
2. Hieu and Kendra
3. Niko and Alyssa

1. Brennar and Annemarie
2. Matt and Colleen
3. Jason Marker and Colleen

… and, and, and, so much more funny fun stuff but no time no time no time have to hurry back down to ballroom no time to proofread hope this is not a mess saw 8 routines last night AND A FIRST EVER CLASSIC ALL-SKATE will tell more later really super fun weekend ….


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