MadJam 2013 Update #4


Benji and Tren to “This Girl Is On Fire” and “Shakin’ The Shack”

Brennar and Brandi – darn I forget which songs they got i was too busy watching. gorgeous control, subtlety, clean, attentive

Maxence and Deborah – “Best You Ever Had” and “Spankin’ Leroy”

Kyle and Torri –  AMAZING dancing = “Sure Thing” and “Funky Mamma” – brilliant dancing. so fun, so funny.

Jordan and Tatiana (they drew each other OMG SUCH DANCING! CRAZY GREAT!) – “Talk That Talk” and “Thanks for the Memories”

Markus and Sarah – “Thrift Shop” SARAH!!! HOW SEXY FUNKY BRILLIANT ADORABLE IS SHE and “Drinking Wine Spody Ody” (starting off with a fight scene)

Parker and Kellese – “Night Call” and “Wall To Wall”

Braaaayyyynt and Melissa – “Wide Awake” and “Spankin’ Leroy” – omgawd the most ADHD sugar-high red bull double espresso flying-across-the-floor dancing in the history of swing

Arjay and Lemery – “Madness” and “Spankin’ Leroy”

Robert and Tessa – “Shine Bright Like A Diamond” and “Move Across The River”


Juniors (Josh and Anyssa, Chris and Nicole, Kyle and Whitney, Akil and Alexis)

(Judges: Arjay, Robin Smith, Festa, Gary Jobst, Brennar, Bill, Chief Judge Dawn)
Jordan and Tatiana (mind blowing.SUCH powerful dancing! wow are they loved here the audience went wild)
Hugo and Stacy (NEW! “Wild One,” How beautiful these two look together! Great chemistry!),
Josh and Lindsay (“This Love Is Over” her exensions! emotional choreography, their fingers at the end),
Ronnie and Brandi (aughghgh! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS mesmerizing too beautiful),
Eddie and Elyse (NEW! “Beauty and The Beast” fast! joyful!),
Alexi and Katrina (“Small Bump” her long limbs, her grace, his cravat, pretty hot pink and white costumes),
The Markers! (love this routine – it’s saucy, mean, troubled, very different for them),
Luis and Taletha (“Hotel California” sad, moody, melancholy – love that they never smile),
Maria and David (fun fast bluesy piece from last year),
Kyle and Sarah (so GREAT so funky, fun, fast, so damn FUNNNNY)

(Judges: Arjay, Bill, Gary Jobst, Festa, Chuck, Parker, Robin Smith, Chief Judge Dawn)
Ronnie and Laureen (“Bring It On Home To Me” OMG! So fast! Fast and slow, clean stops in mid-flight, incredible lifts and drops, Ronnie has WAY too much fun – they both look so relaxed like they’re having a blast, even when she’s balanced high above his head on one hand;
Stephen and Sabrina (“Somewhere With You” their quality of movement gets so much better each time we see them. Their transitions are so smooth)
Miles and Tessa (“Let’s Get It On” oh my gosh so beautiful, so sexy, and that crazy trick …)
Greg and Lemery (love this routine. can’t see this without crying. feels very real, like it comes right from the heart. gorgeous song, gorgeous choreography)
Luis and Jen (better and better each time we see this)
Brennar and Torri (no words. mind blowing. astonishing dancing. utter control, brilliant choreography, powerful technique, joy, showmanship, chemistry, years of practice and work and artistry and soul … showcase at its finest)
The Roystons (their best routine yet! so young, fresh, fun, bad-ass, full of life … love this routine)

Jack and Jill prelims all day today – finals tomorrow.

Parties all night tonight – hotel security is going a little bonkers with all the noisy room parties – they don’t know how to handle an entire hotel that’s taken over by a single event, where everybody in every room knows each other. It’s like a college dorm.

Ballroom is absolutely packed as I write this. Last night ballroom stayed packed till 7am floor trials. Really fun energy here.

I’ve managed to get this written, in between visiting four different party rooms. Hope it’s coherent … and I am heading down to the ballroom now to dance for a few hours …


One response to “MadJam 2013 Update #4

  1. Parker Dearborn and Kellese Key listed song titles and done. We must have SUCKED. 😦
    I may start my own column smiles…

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