MadJam 2013 Update #5



1st Place Chris and Nicole
2nd Josh and Anyssa
3rd Kyler and Whitney

1st Place Jordan and Tatiana
2nd Ronnie and Brandi
3rd Kyle and Sarah
4th Kris and Rebecca
5th Luis and Taletha

1st Place Benji and Torri
2nd Greg and Lemery
3rd Ronnie and Brandi
4th Myles and Tessa
5th Robert and Nicola

Rising Star
1st Place Brian and Pam Bennett
2nd Levi and Melissa
3rd Scott and Tatiana
4th Frank and Faith
5th Tze Ming Wee and Dalena

1st Place Lindsey Nastos
2nd Heather and Kurt
3rd Fireball (Marya-Montez Wallace and Taje Lowe)

1st Place Swingin’ In The Rain (Arjay and Katie)
2nd Capital Swing (Dawn)
3rd Roleplay (Arjay)
4th DC Swing (Dawn)
5th Love To Dance (Anthony Jones)


Sopisticated Strictly
1st Place Luis and Heather
2nd Kenny Roesel and Lisa Schupp
3rd Kurt and Kristin
4th Gary Jobst and Sue Lambell

Novice Strictly
1st Place Jean-Pierre and Christele
2nd Tze Ming Wee and Krystal
3rd Blaine and Micki
4th Mairon and Vanessa
5th Dave and Gina

Intermediate Strictly
1st Pavel and Olga
2nd Romero and Veronica
3rd Casey and Tatiana
4th Miguel and Nadya
5th Cory and Cat

Advanced Strictly
1st Grigory and Kat
2nd Jerome and Olga
3rd Hugo and Lindsey
4th Reginald Beason and Cuccio
5th Akil and Whitney

Open Strictly
2nd Arjay and Melissa
3rd Jordan and Sarah
4th Kyle and Torri
5th Maxence and Virginie


1st Place Josh and Anyssa
2nd Akil and Whitney
3rd Chris and Ashley
4th Wesley and Nicole
5th Christopher Wrigley and Hannah

1st Place Kurt Senser and Robin Grimsby
2nd Matt Nichols and Sue Lambell
3rd Bruce Baker an Kristin Wenger
4th Vence Harbuck and Wren Newman
5th Lawrence Bunde and Jamie Callahan

1st Craig Myanmodo and  Karen iWilliamson
2nd James and Saave
3rd Jonathan and Schoeder
4th Philip and Carole

1st Place Tze Ming Wee and Blandine Goudou
2nd Brian Richards and Hanna Tuominan
3rd Jean-Pierre Sachs and Lori Fleicher
4th Mairon Batista and Carrie Smith
5th Aran Peily and Ramune Sveekyte

1st Alfredo Melendez and Olga Usmanova
2nd Roger Batista and Dalena Lee
3rd Frank Blakemore and Ashley Brown
4th Roy Legaspi and Veronica Castilla
5th Yu Sun and Sophie Caseneuve

1st Place Eric Byers and Whitney Brown
2nd Josh Williamson and Lindsey Nastos
3rd Jerome Fernandez and Beverly Brunerie
4th JC Bryant and Irina Puzanova
5th Grigory Lebedev and Stacy Kay

1st Place Hugo and Virginie
2nd Josh and Anyssa
3rd PJ and Yuna
4th Chris and Erica
5th Akil and Melissa Rollins

1st Place Kyle and Torri
2nd Jordan and Tatiana
3rd Benji and Tren
4th Markus and Sarah
5th Brennar and Brandi


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