MADjam 2013 Update #1

“Well it’s kind of everywhere, the entire hotel is MadJam.” Hal Greenwald, lost in the empty lobby, had asked, “where is MadJam?”

“Everything’s MadJam. See over there? That line of computers and stations is the registration area – that’ll be buzzing in an hour. There’s the ballroom – floor is already down, backdrop and lighting are up, they’re building the sound system and seating now. Jordan and Tatiana for the opening kickoff workshop at 8 o’clock JORDAN AND TATIANA RIGHT HERE IN DC! AWESOME! WAY TOO AWESOME! Oh what a big weekend this is gonna be! What a pro lineup this year! Impossible to get all these guys these top Champion dancers together in one place they’re always travelling hither thither and yon everywhere in the world it’s like trying to keep cats in a damn box whew this many top pros all at once! right here in DC sheesh what a weekend what a weekend. Hotel sold out in October we almost didn’t get a room! Thank you Kiona thank you Wayne Wisdom! thank you for thinking of us this would not be the weekend to miss holy shamoly so many of our friends coming over from Europe cause here on east coast usa it’s the same distance from Europe as from California so we always get a crowd from France and uk, and eastern europe, and russia and OMG the lighting at Dave’s events! Moody nightclub noirish trancey great photographs with extreme light and shadow and some photos like you were shooting in a watery blue aquarium or an irradiated fantasy land of dancing smurfs oh yeah and the closed-circuit TV! You can watch the ballroom in your hotel room 24/7 all day all night fall asleep to silent silhouettes floating back and forth back and forth across a glowing purple backdrop what a weekend what a weekend what a weekend.”

Looks like not much hustle on the program this year unlike last year and the year before and the many years before. Don’t throw a shoe at me – here’s my opinion: Yippee less hustle! The less the better is my opinion. Those interminable hustle heats! A person could keel right over and pass out from endless air jabs and disco music. But I will say: I would like Erica Smith to model her hustle outfits which if you put all her hustle outfits in a pile you could stuff them into one of my socks. But who’s looking at her clothes, anyway? Nobody is looking at Erica’s clothes.


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