Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #5

Friday and Saturday night social dancing was FANTABULOUS. Everyone had a blast, energy in all three ballrooms jumping hot. Dancing both nights until 7am with the floor staying full all the way to the last song – that’s unusual.

Here are a few of the GREAT dances I mentioned in the last update:

John and Annie’s Crossover final

Benji and Patty’s Strictly prelim

Ben and Jessica’s stunning Strictly prelim

John and Melissa’s Strictly prelim

Jordan and Tatiana’s Strictly prelim

Arjay and Torri’s Strictly prelim

Zack and Tatiana’s Crossover final

Ben and Nina’s Winning Crossover final

Andy and Sarah’s Crossover final

Kyle and Sarah’s Strictly prelim

Angel and Jennifer Lyons – Strictly prelim

No dance Sunday night – Steve says they tried it the first year and found that for whatever reasons (Logan Airport flight times for one) most people left by Sunday evening. We stayed over and were shocked at how fast the hotel became a spooky ghost-town – one hour after Awards the lobby which all weekend had been like a colorful mid-eastern open marketplace – so loud and busy you had to weave between groups and yell to talk – was now cold and empty, the only sound the buzz of fluorescent lights.

Wee hours of Monday morning we drove back to the airport to fly home to a surprise snowstorm (after an entire winter without snow we get a snowstorm in the spring,) a new Pope, chemical weapons in Syria, a sequester, Cypress bail-out, and gay marriage.

Next week Ronnie and Brandi’s new event in L.A., “City of Angels”!  Can’t wait! We missed last year and we’re SO excited to experience what we’ve heard is a really unique stop on the circuit …


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