Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #4

(Victor DJ’d all comps)

(couples got one 90’s swing tune and one lindy tune)

Kyle and Naomi – “Motown Philly” (Boyz II Men) and “Flat Foot Floogie” (McKinney’s Cotton Pickers)

Peter and Melissa Rutz – “Poison” (Bell Biv Devoe) and “Jive at Five” (Count Basie)

Lindo and Annie – “Strike It Up” (Black Box) and “Do You Want To Jump Children” (Gene Krupa) – omgawd John Lindo what a riot – danced half of the lindy portion with his fingers on his neck, taking his own pulse, making Annie run dancing around while he stood panting from 250 beats-per-minute lindy hop. Davis Thurber (who tossed his hat to John when the lindy song came on) was laughing and clapping so enthusiastically he pounded his judging clipboard in half. Hilarious dances.

Zack and Tatiana – “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” (Will Smith) and “Something To Pat Your Foot To” (Johnny Hodges) – They somehow managed to get Zack’s shirt off of Zack and onto Tatiana – or mostly onto Tatiana – she couldn’t get one arm all the way through the sleeve and after wrestling with it just gave up and danced with one hand stuck. Oh, and she also ducked under his legs, upside down, and got a little stuck in a compromising position. Compromising for one of them but I’m not sure which one. Someone next to me said “Was she biting his pants leg?” I don’t think she was. This you have got to see – look for the video I’m sure it will be posted within days.

Speaking of videos – Davis Thurber, in addition to judging, was the videographer for this event. Check him out – he’s really good.

Arjay and Karen – “Pump Up The Jam” (Techtronics) and “The Gal From Joe’s” (Duke Ellington)

Nick and Jessica – “100% Pure Love” (Crystal Waters) and “Tutti Frutti” (Slim and Slam)

Jordan and Nicki – “Now That We Found Love” (O’Jays) and oh dang I forget which lindy song they got …

Andy and Sarah – “Ice Ice Baby” (Vanilla Ice) and “Good Queen Bess” (Johnny Hodges)

Ben and Nina – “Groove Is In The Heart” (Deee Lite) and “Saturday Night Fish Fry” (Roy Eldridge)

Mikey and Torri – “Good Vibrations” (Marky Mark) and “For Dancers Only” (Jimmy Lunceford)

For the All-Skate they did both the Shim Sham and the Wobble.

Open Strictly:
Ain’t Jivin I’m Jammin’ – Leon Hull Jr.
Let’s Stay Together – Obadiah Parker
Imma Be

Novice Finals Music (“Walk This Way” brought them on the floor)
Mean Ole World – BB King
Boogie Shoes – KC and the Sunshine Band
Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf

Intermediate Finals (“Ghostbusters”)
Bad Case of Love – BB KIng
No Diggity – Blackstreet
I Can Only Imagine – David Guetta

Advanced Finals (“Mr. Vain”)
Fine Brown Frame
Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye
Scream – Usher

Allstar Finals (“Tequila”)
Dave and Kay danced to “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” (MJ)
Marc Levitin and Dana Simonetti danced to “No Parking On The Dance Floor” (Midnight Star)
Stephane and Kim danced to “Boogie Wonderland” (Earth, Wind and Fire)
Keith and Anne danced to “P.Y.T.” (MJ)
Jerome and Yuna danced to “Super Freak” (Rick James)
Raj and Kendra Zara danced to “Let’s Groove” (Earth, Wind and Fire)
Erik and Anna Balcom danced to “Give It To Me” (Rick James)
Rob Glover and Anne Fleming (dancing for the second time) to “Shake Your Groove Thing” (Peaches and Herb)


Delivered by Gracie to each couple via one-handed cartwheels across the floor (the other hand carrying the trophy – a large Paul Revere bobble-head on a beautiful pedestal)

Newcomer WCS Jack & Jill
1 Stanislav Ivanov & Kristin Rothaupt
2 Paul Gersch & Raya Ioffe
3 Gabor Singer & Mika Oyaizu
4 Alexandre Quirion & Jennifer Ferreira
5 Sam Ashley & Victoria Yeung
6 Pierre-Olivier Bastien-Dionne & Pj Winchell
7 Joe Karpinski & Debbie Krawiec
8 Daren Roeder & Hannah Hudson
9 Dmitriy Gagarkin & Bridget Fischer
10 Gary Ricker & Kristine Riemer
11 Dave Tahsea & Rebecca Blake
12 Joseph Anderson & Sandra Mayer
13 Nick Scarpeni & Constance Brown

Novice WCS Jack & Jill
1 Eric Barbier & Shani Harpak
2 James Valcone & Laura Colantonio
3 Christopher Muise & Elisha Monzella
4 Peter Khoo & Lisa Siciliano
5 Florent Fabre & Wanda Llorens
6 Klaus Dobler & Amanda Clark
7 Chris Johnson & Lia Brown
8 Dylan Bushe & Catherine Miu
9 Dave Mu & Joelle Sasseville
10 Jose Blasco & Melissa Breton
11 Vincent Stagno & Janet Scuorzo
12 Rich Little & Paula Wilson
13 Joel Hale & Annabelle Pain
14 Michael Barrow & Jody Nagel

Intermediate WCS Jack & Jill
1 Robert Campos Jr. & Catherine Vourlessis
2 Martin Roy & Dani Mullin
3 Jason Lane & Katie Montgomery
4 Sean Gao & Heather Conkerton
5 YingKit (Keith) Chow & Ardena Gojani
6 Scott Chilstedt & Jennie Hartman
7 Stephane Roy & Marie-Charlotte P.De Koninck
8 Todd Coultard & Alaina Yee
9 Phouvanh Meckhasinh & Laura Ciabarra
10 Ken Kreshtool & Tracy Preston
11 Nicolas Besnier & Jill Cayen

Advanced WCS Jack & Jill
1 Billy Montgomery & Sonya Dessureault
2 Matthew Smith & Sara Mouchon
3 Brad Wheeler & Mariel Manzone
4 Steve Wilder & Kim Brolet
5 Andrew Mastin & Shoshi Kushnir
6 Peter Fradley & Nina El-Badry
7 Sean Ryan & Sophie Cazeneuve
8 GenieBoy Collins & Bonnie Cannon
9 Joshua MacDonald & Kimiko Lashley
10 Bob Gorman & Pricilla Christie

All Star WCS Jack & Jill
1 Rob Glover & Anne Fleming
2 Erik Novoa & Anna Balcom
3 Stephane Dominguez & Kim Filippo
4 Jerome Subey & Yuna Davtyan
5 Marc Levetin & Dana Simonetti
6 Dave Damon & Kay Newhouse
7 Keith Stremmel & Anne Fleming
8 Rajeev Hotchandani & Kendra Zara

Open Strictly
1 Stephane Dominguez & Sonya Dessureault
2 Jerome Subey & Bonnie Cannon
3 Larry Mongeau & Yuna Davtyan
4 Steve Wilder & Sara Mouchon
5 Keith Stremmel & Kendra Zara
6 Joe Mahoney & Heather Conkerton
7 Erik Novoa & Anna Novoa
8 Dave Damon & Mariel Manzone
9 Eric Cudmore & Kim Filippo
10 Peter Fradley & Michelle Fletcher
11 Andrew Mastin & Sarah Richard
12 Stephane Roy & Eveleen Sung
13 Phouvanh Meckhasinh & Stephanie Courtemanche

Invitational Strictly
1 Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann
2John Lindo & Melissa Rutz
3 Ben Morris & Jessica Cox
4 Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
5 Arjay Centeno & Torri Smith

Invitational Lindy Strictly
1 Peter Strom & Naomi Uyama
2 Zack Richard & Annie Trudeau
3 Nick Williams & Nikki Marvin
4 Andy Reid & Nina Gilkenson
5 Michael Pedroza & Karen Turman

Invitational Crossover Jack & Jill
1 Ben Morris & Nina Gilkenson
2 Nick Williams & Jessica Cox
3 John Lindo & Annie Trudeau
4 Jordan Frisbee & Nikki Marvin
5 Kyle Redd & Naomi Uyama

Packing for yukko middle-of-the-night flight. More tomorrow!


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