City of Angels 2013 – Update #8

It’s 4am and dancing is CRAZY great tonight, the ballroom is still completely packed, the floor completely full, the tables are still completely full, lobby outside the ballroom is a scene, the elevated round lobby bar is noisy and hopping – dancers are everywhere and no one seems the least bit tired. It’s Saturday night here at City of Angels and what a party!

Tonight was the big night, starting off at 7pm with “Dress To Impress” cocktail hour and pictures taken on the red carpet. Legs, legs, legs! It was all legs here tonight. Legs in form-hugging strapless tube dresses up to mid-thigh, a parade of designer 5″ heels to die for, red lipstick, glamorous hair, and everywhere perfume! Perfume in the elevators, perfume in the lobby, perfume in the ballroom – it was like we were in a perfumed flower garden of fragrant feminine lovliness. And the men so handsome in black tie! Dancers sure do clean up well.

Saturday night out, L.A. style. All glitz and glam.

Routines! Oh my goodness, so much talent! I watch the new routines and wonder what would we possibly have thought if any one of today’s routines had been performed 15 years ago. The dance has changed so much since then, progressed so far. Today’s dancers and choreographers show creativity and technical skill that would have blown our minds if we’d have seen it in those years.

No time now to describe the routines but let me at least tell you who did what:


  1. Cameron Crook and Victoria Henk – Holy Shamoly! Victoria!
  2. Josh and Anyssa – Wow, thought I knew this routine but they’ve added all kinds of new choreography, feistiness, and best of all it’s like they’ve found their “voice,” like they’re dancing who they really are. If that makes any sense.
  3. Chris and Nicole – Wow! Did they speed it up?!? It seemed twice as fast as the last time I saw it. So witty, so full, so blazing fast.


  1. Don Baker and Rhonda Diamond
  2. Michael Booth and Cheryl Grampp
  3. Dave and Judy Megaffin


  1. Braden O’Dell and Lila Ferguson
  2. Benji and Torri
  3. Patrick and Lisa Toepel
  4. Luis and Jennifer
  5. Myles and Tessa
  6. Ben McHenry and Libby – brand new, first time on the floor! to “Breathe” by Sia


  1. Kevin Kane and Shanti Davis – new!
  2. Tien Khieu and Larisa Tingle – new!
  3. Clint and Mackenzie
  4. Gary and Susan
  5. Ben and Melissa – new! Omgawd I have to tell you about this. Wait till you hear omg.
  6. Nick Hughes and Bella Viramontes
  7. Kyle and Sarah
  8. Josh Sturgeon and Lindsey Nastos
  9. Matt and Crystal
  10. Shaheed and Rachele Smith
  11. Ben and Cameo

Oh I almost forgot! Ronnie and Brandi did a very cool thing – they had each couple make a quick video to be shown on the monster screens, in a darkened ballroom, before each routine, to give the couple a chance to say a few words and introduce themselves to us in the style of “So You Think You Can Dance.” Wait till you hear about some (all) of the hilarious videos they made.

And wait till you hear about the Champions’ Jack and Jill prelims. Wow. Another wow. This whole evening was wow.


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