City of Angels 2013 – Update #3

Oh my gawd please don’t let me write drunk updates.

The DJ’s and video guys are our “High Priests?” Seriously?

You gulp down a double vodka tonic but still too excited to sleep so you jump out of bed, scratch out a few impressions, hit “send,” and this is what happens.

Why do you have to be so melodramatic when you drink? You should be Irish.

And you mixed metaphors. High priests don’t float around on water. They should have been midshipmen in the cockpit of a large ship, navigating a night ocean.

This hotel will deliver a vodka tonic to your room all night long – 24-hour room service. Most hotels close the kitchen at midnight but here you can get food and drink around the clock ($40 for a toasted bagel and double vodka tonic which includes service charge, gratuity, and my tip.) We never use room service but Genieboy’s not here. I also bought two City of Angels shirts before I even entered the ballroom and might get shoes in a new color.

AWESOME Thursday night kickoff dance, awesome. Dancing till 6am at least. When I left at 1 the floor was still totally full, the ballroom at least half full (I’m guessing they’ve got maybe 40 round tables each seating 8-10? Just a guess.)  It’s great to have a successful Thursday night kickoff – sets the tone for the entire weekend.

okbye I have to take a shower. I took one to fall asleep last night and now I have to take one to wake up.


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