SwingDiego 2013 Update #7


I was telling you how funny Benji was as emcee on Saturday afternoon, teasing people and making fun of their names, and I said that he had called Luis Crespo “Clueless Crappo” which I thought was pretty hilarious. Except oops, Benji didn’t say that. He said “Luis Crrrrreppo” with a beautiful rolled “r”. Creppo, not Crappo. And not Clueless. He wouldn’t say that cause it’s not nice.

I, on the other hand, might say that, not because Luis is either of those things but because I blurt out anything funny the moment it comes into my head. But Benji didn’t say that.

What also funny is that Luis says he’s been called Luís Crisco Oil, Luís Rice Crispy Treats and Luigi Monté Cristo.

Second correction: I can’t seem to get the ginormous ballroom floor size right. Andy Bouman corrected me – it’s not 60,000 square feet like I first said. But I got it wrong the second time too, which nice Andy Bouman has corrected again. The ballroom itself is in fact 60,000 square feet. It’s the floor that is 1,600 square feet, not 60,000.

Thank you for helping me Andy! As I said, it’s a blonde thing.

Parker taught us a new dance – it’s called “The Earl.”

Here’s how you do The Earl:

You have to be standing. You can be just barely standing, or, if you need to, using a wall to lean on to keep from falling down.

You put your teeth over your lower lip.

Now hold your right hand in front of your right neckbone, three fingers pointing down, elbow out to the side.

Then you pulse up and down to the music, only moving your feet if you feel you might be losing your balance.

You’re doing The Earl!

Social dancing here has been CRAZY. We left the ballroom Saturday night (or “Sunday morning” as normal people would call it) at 6:30am and it was PACKED. Dancing continued till 10:00 am when they were finally kicked off the floor for the first workshop.

Dancing’s rocking the ballroom as I write this at 3am Sunday night (Monday morning.)

Packing to leave for the airport in a few hours …


3 responses to “SwingDiego 2013 Update #7

  1. Liza – I think that number you’re struggling to find is that the size of the dance floor itself is 6,000 sq. ft – which is about 1/3 bigger than most ‘large’ size floors found at other events. Sounds like it was a Home Run event – all weekend long. Thanks for your updates. z

    • You are so very very welcome, dear Steve. Yes, it was a Home Run event all weekend long, and still continues now, a full week later! 80 people are still in San Diego, partying all day and going out to dance each night. Crazy great event!

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