SwingDiego 2013 Update #3

Open Strictly Finalists just announced:

Diego and Katrina
Arnaud and Tori Ellington
Julien and Sharon
PJ and Janelle
Hugo and Stacy
Josh Williamson and Nicole
Daniel and Emeline
Tze Yi Wee and Linda Cuccio
JB and Jessica Pacheco
Steve Hall and Beverly
Brad and Lindsey
Joshua Sturgeon and Kara
and 1st alt: Andrew Slac and Laura Deshano

We just watched CLASSIC PRELIMS!!!! 23 routines, many (most) new. I’ll describe them next Update – heading down now for Champions Jack and Jill prelims, followed by Masters, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced JJ prelims (and Novice semis in the second ballroom.)

Oh and by the way – the ballroom is HUGE. It was pointed out to me that 60,000 square feet, as I said earlier, is indeed VERY huge.

Yeah, no, the ballroom is not 60,000 square feet, it’s 6,000 square feet, one less zero.

I’m blonde. You could tell me it was 60,000,000 square feet and I wouldn’t know the difference. I have no idea what any of these numbers mean.

Next Update in a couple hours … running back to ballroom now …


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