SwingDiego 2013 – COUNTDOWN 1 DAY!

We’re on our way!

The level of excitement for SwingDiego this year is off the charts – judging from facebook, texts and emails, replies to my last update, and conversations with friends coming in from all over the world. Crazy!

At this point most non-US’ers are either en route or already in San Diego … 40+ Brasilians, large groups from Russia, France, UK, China, Singapore, Australia, Hungary, Sweden …

We cannot WAIT to see the new ballroom! 40,000 square feet! The largest ballroom on the wcs circuit we will ever have seen.

So many new routines being debuted this weekend!

Two Jack-and-Jill rooms being run simultaneously, to accommodate the large divisions!

So much new and different – Parker and Earl always always try new innovations – every year they introduce new stuff … we’re on pins and needles anxious to see it all …

I feel bad for all of you who can’t make it this year – it’s going to be something special.   Still not to late to make last minute plans, maybe discover a last-minute cancelled seat the airline selling at a reduced rate (priceline?)

If you can’t make it you can watch the live stream all weekend here.



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