Atlanta 2013 – Update #2

No Updates! No Updates! Bad girl! Too much partying and not enough writing going on here!

Here’s a little I scratched out last night (well, 6am this morning actually) before getting pulled away again …

Just getting up to the room from 60’s Woodstock costume party and Crossover Jack and Jill.


Imagine an entire ballroom filled with hippies! Afros and huge hair! Tie-die, smoking joints (pretend,) peace signs, headbands, flowers, sexy Twiggy look-alikes, 60’s music all night. Some of us (me!) knew every word to every song – Hendrix, The Monkees, The Doors, Richie Havens, Sly and The Family Stone, Creedence, Country Joe, Sebastien, Sha-Na-Na, Santana, Crosby Stills and Nash. We’ve been singing our heads off all night – everyone, even the young people! Singing along and dancing like groovy hippy freaks (How do young people know the songs? Maybe as “oldies” I guess? hahaha cracks me up, don’t know why – they think of Woodstock the way I think of the Civil War era. I think of Woodstock as where I’m still stuck.)

All these polite, gracious, well-mannered Atlanta people, these reserved Shag folks who had me thinking they were quiet conservative types. NOT! I will tell you something. These people like to PARTY. They may look like grownups but they’re not. And another thing. Turns out a lot of these quiet conservative Atlanta people were actually at Woodstock and last night were very comfortable in those clothes, a lot of which came right out of their closets where they’ve been hanging since Woodstock. One couple (judges!) *met* each other at Woodstock and got married 14 months later in the clothes they wore last night! (She in a blue suede vest with tassles down to her knees. Guess what. I have the exact same vest in my closet at home!)

Wait till you see pictures hahahaha

And the Crossover – what a hoot!

Watch the videoooooo!!!

I love how classy this event always is. Haven’t made it back since Michael and LeAnn took over from Charlie and Jackie three years ago, so hadn’t seen the beautiful new backdrop – stylish! Contemporary! Sleek red and black. Saturday nights at Grand Nationals you always feel like you’re out for dinner in a nice restaurant – the low lights – romantic red-lighting scheme to match the backdrop – Sinatra-esque 40’s standards, and foxtrots play as you enter the room – the Shag community includes more seniors (and *many* more juniors!  than the west coast community – you can feel that in the music (more good DJing by Louis, Victor, and Ruby.)

Running back down now to see Pro Am routines …

Classic was great! Kyle and Sarah have a beautiful new routine – tell you about it later! Showcase was great! Brennar and Crystal have a super cool new showcase routine! Tell you about that too! Jack and Jills yesterday so fun – MAN is this audience supportive!

Royston and Parker great on the mic – heeee larious – tell you more about that, too.

So fun!

Putting my pics on Facebook as usual – in the album called “Atlanta 2013”

And check out Brad’s fantastic pictures!


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