Michigan 2013 – Update #3

You have never seen anything until you’ve seen Cory Flowers on Brennar’s shoulders, Bret Navarre on Stephen White’s shoulders, and Hugo Miguez trying hard to lift long lanky Stephane Dominguez onto his shoulders but getting stuck on the ground, face red as a beet, eyes nearly bugged out struggling …

All three couples dancing to “Sexy And I Know It,” lifting up shirts, flexing pecs and triceps, chicken-fighting-while-dancing, back-bends, splits, squeezing through each other’s legs, one-handed cartwheels, butt shakes, pirouettes, showcase aerials … a Jack and Jack like we’ve never seen – HILARIOUS!

And there’s never been a funnier poor-loser than Brennar who was totally convinced he had won, figured it a no-brainer. When they stood the three couples out there and announced “Bret and Stephen! 2nd Place!” Brennar wagged his head all smug and confident waiting for his name to be called. And then they announced the winners – Hugo and Stephane! Brennar looked stunned. Flabbergasted. Stood there with the most insulted, offended expression going “WHAT?!? WHAT TH’?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” And stalked off the floor in disgust, scoffing and gesturing to the other contestants to get out of his way. Completely unsportsmanlike losing – this was even funnier than his dancing if you can call it that, which itself was beyond hysterical. Brennar is a comedian.

What a funny funny funny division! My throat is hoarse from laughing and yelling.

The Jill and Jill was funny too but not as funny as the guys. The girls danced too well! 2nd Place Melissa Greene and Whitney Brown; 1st Place Bonnie Canon and Whitney Bartlett.

Opening Ceremonies! OMG! SPECTACULAR! Best opening ever, EVER!, at any comp, ever! New standard set tonight.

A movie! About west coast! On a GIANT SCREEN put up (and expertly taken down again) in the middle of the floor! A light show! Silhouettes of pro staff dancing behind a projection screen throughout the movie! A choreographed team routine comprised of not just the pro staff but all the staff members! including DJ’s and other staff! An awesome, complex team routine to a remix of Kid Rock’s hoppin “Bawitdaba” thumping, rousing, jump in your seats music! In the dark! On a dim stage lit with spotlights! In matching black and white hoodies, black T-shirts with huge MiC on the front!

And! The Detroit Pride Cheerleaders! Holy shamoly THE CHEERLEADING TEAM FOR THE DETROIT LIONS came stomping on to join the team! Holy cow what a scene! Huge silver pom-poms flashing in the spotlights!

Man oh man oh man. The whole scene was SPECTACULAR! Loud, thrilling, lights, emotional, choreography, SPECTACULAR!

What an opening to an event OMG!

Oh wow we saw so many routines tonight! Pro-Ams about 1,000, Masters another 1,000. Such great routines, so many new ones! Wait till you hear!

And then a dessert buffet SPECTACULAR AGAIN! Every kind of confection, gourmet dessert creation you can fathom all piled high on a circular buffet bar just outside the doors to the ballroom, coffee and drinks, all included in the reg ticket OMG!

And the pro Jack and Jill was tonight too! Wait till you hear! Oh. My. Gawd.

AUGHGHGHGH!!!! THIS EVENT!!! AUGHGHGH!!! SO much fun it’s ridiculous how much fun this is! Crazy great!

And right now, at 4am, the ballroom is so packed it’s as many people as this floor can take. 600 people here tonight! And they’re all dancing!


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