Liberty 2013 – Update #4


1ST PLACE Ben Morris and Jessica
2nd Jordan and Jen
3rd Kyle and Brandi

We had an interesting busboy at breakfast in the restaurant. More of a bus grown-man. We noticed him when an arm slid silently across my nose to remove my glass of water. I said did you see that? That was really close to my nose.

A few minutes later we’re talking and an arm reaches s-l-o-w-l-y over my coffee to take the salt and pepper shakers. We’re trying not to laugh.  The minute we start talking he appears, slides things away, then vanishes. A plate of eggs we haven’t finished creeps off, the bread basket, the candle.

Like Lurch – or a possum – waiting in the shadows, arms hanging lifeless, riveted on our table. I put my bag in my lap and grip my cup of coffee. He removes the flowers.

We thought about helping by pulling off the drapes and seat cushions.

Huge wreck just outside the hotel, corner of Albany Street, Sunday afternoon. We had stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and BANG! BOOM! CRASH! glass metal crunching skidding crashing into light posts multiple car smashing noises. Police had already been sitting there so immediate sirens, flashing lights, ambulances. We didn’t walk over to look, didn’t want to see.  At 5am the block was still packed with emergency vehicles. Next day people milling around taking pictures. It was a bad accident, though the outside bar across from the hotel never stopped sounding like a sidewalk party – guess they were to drunk to notice there’d been an explosion a few feet away.



1ST PLACE Chris Dumond and Monica Garcia
2nd Jerome and Bonnie Cannon Subey
3rd Josh Williamson and Sharon Her
4th Tom Bochmann and Hannah Clonch
5th Glen Acheampong and Abby Stone

(Non-placing Adv/Allstar finalists: Dave Damon & Mariel Manzone; Jeff Moscaritoliololo and Kelly Laderoute; Sebastien & Maira Pineda; Stephane Dominguez & Sonya Dessureault; Anthony DeRosa & Kay Newhouse; David Ward and Maria Ford; Matt Smith & Sara Mouchon)


1ST PLACE Jerome Chanchom and Laura Conforti
2nd Roy Legaspi and Nadya Serova
3rd Rake Salo and Hanna Tuominen
4th Corey Flowers and Lura Johnson
5th Joe Arasin and Andrea Schulewitch

(Non-placing Intermediate finalists: Marlon Mills & Dani Mullen; Christopher Boyer & Laura Mackie; Ilya Obshadko & Anastasia Leonenko; Christopher Muise & Billie Dorra; Dave Goldenberg & Catherine Vourlessis)


1ST PLACE Stanislav Ivanovov and Amanda Clark
2nd Dave Mu and Kathy Tang
3rd Jason Laska and Eileen O’Brien
4th Andrew Tai and Francesca Cardillo
5th Victor Hernandez and Allison Atteberry

(Non-placing Novice finalists: Sara Hilbrich & Laurissa Stokes; Joseph Banahan & Maria Eneboilo; Andrew Hayden & Kristen Shaw; Ronald Fisher & Sonya Eremenco; Faith Pangilinan & Matt Eddy)

** Johnvitational Definition
John: “Every year on Sunday we have our big final competition – the Invitational Jack and Jill.  So uou know there’s a difference between a Champion Jack and Jill and an Invitational Jack and Jill, right? So we do an Invitational Jack and Jill.  So this year I said hey it’s an invitational and this is my event so I’m inviting who I want to invite – my friends, and the people I believe represent the highest level of west coast swing in the world, the best of the best, the kreem de la kreem. And that’s who I’m putting in the Invitational. Minus Tat who we miss so much.

“So Jessica says “You can call it the John Invitational. No wait! Call it the Johnvitational!

“So this is the Johnvitational. And I’m pairing them up. But I didn’t tell them – they don’t know who they’re going to get. So now all my friends are going to hate me.”

(Which of course they won’t – John’s friends will do ANYTHING for him – he is absolutely beloved.)

Next: More about the Johnvitational, Classic, the Confessional, a racoon, and Champions.


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