Liberty 2013 – Update #2

Awwww Tatiana is sick at home poor Tatiana.

And poor poor us cause we don’t get her crazy brilliant creativity and humor and astonishing dancing waaaaa.

We just saw a great pro strictly! Minus Tatiana, but still great. The theme was 80’s tunes …

Ben Morris and Sarah danced to “Walk This Way” (Run DMC)

Kris Swearingen and Blandine, “Mony Mony” (Billy Idol)

Jordan and Jen, “Super Freak” (Rick James)

Hugo and Sabrina, “I Want A New Drug” (Huey Lewis)

Sean and Torri, “When Doves Cry” (Prince)

Maxence and Maxime, “I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt” (Right Side Fred), both guys in matching black t-shirts with “I ❤ NY” in bright red – Maxime’s a loose tank top with a guy-bra underneath half leopard-print, half hot pink; Maxime did 12 pirouettes; a snake through Maxence’s legs, and they danced a few bars in slo-mo – so funny!

Royston and Rutz, “Time After Time” (Cyndi Lauper) – a dance which included a thousand versions of clock arms in every possible position, and two beautifully executed lifts at the end with more clock arms – hilarious!

Stephen White and Nicole Clonch, “Let’s Groove” (Earth, Wind, and Fire)

Chuck and Courtney, “Nasty” (Janet Jackson)

Benji and Brandi, “Addicted To Love” (Robert Palmer)

Arjay and Barry Jones, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” (Michael Jackson)

Erik and Anna Novoa, “Funkytown” (Lipps)

Kyle and Jessica, “Funkytown” (Salt N Peppa)

Greg and Lemery, “Little Red Corvette” (Prince)

And the All-Skate to “Blurred Lines” (Robin Thicke)

1ST PLACE Jordan and Jen
2nd Kyle and Jessica
3rd Benji and Brandi
4th Robert and Melissa
5th Ben and Sarah


Benji got on the mic to announce a “Dollar Dance” for “Dancers Against Cancer” – 100% of the proceeds go to cancer research – $5 minimum – to dance with the pros – we raised $1,352 dollars in about fifteen minutes.


Rising Star! Three couples:

1. Stephane Dominguez and Sonya Dessureault dancing to “Stay” (Rihanna) – BRAND NEW! Heart-felt reaches, lines, spins high and low, lovely couple!

2. Jerome Chanchom and Laura Conforti, “Billie Jean” (Joy Williams & Paul White) mixed with some cool acapella jazzy version – Laura has 7-mile-long legs and she knows how to use them. Cool snappy choreography, goreous lines.

3. Kyle and Aimy Patel, “Sexy And I Know It” (Noah)here’s my description from Michigan Classic two weeks ago.

1ST PLACE Kyle and Aimy
2nd Jerome and Laura
3rd Stephane and Sonya

Showcase! Three couples in an unjudged exhibition:

Stephen and Sabrina
Greg and Lemery
Benji and Torri

And winners of the Pro-Am Jack and Jill (which we saw earlier in the evening)

Novice Leaders
1ST PLACE Romero Royster
2nd Victor Hernandez
3rd Paul Jackson

Novice Followers
1ST PLACE Laura Mackie
2nd Maria Enaboifo
3rd Jody Nagel

Intermediate Leaders
1ST PLACE Christopher Boyer
2nd Myat Nyunt
3rd Marlon Mills

Intermediate Followers
1ST PLACE Alissa Lundgren
2nd Lura Johnson
3rd Kelli Kilgore

Watch the whole weekend live on thumbsup video!


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