SinCity 2013 – Update #2

Jessica’s “Ladies Only – Release Your Inner Stripper” workshop Saturday …


Saturday night, last thing on the program, after the CHAMPIONS ROYAL FLUSH Invitational, the entire class of 65 performed a routine for us. Twice!

In men’s dress shirts, heels, and pink and black SinCity booty panties! And a few memorable thongs.

And Parker in the middle! Also in dress shirt and SinCity booty panties.

All lined up on rows of chairs, the glitzy neon Vegas-style SINCITY marquee glowing behind them (Nathan built this great looking neon sign himself, in his garage. His wife Melissa says he’s been in the garage working on it for a month – she and the kids will be happy to see him back in the house again.)

Sexaaay sexaaay show! Perfect for Saturday night in Vegas!

Here’s a short clip (I’m sure more will surface soon)

Jessica says what was most wonderful for her was to hear women say they’d been nervous about attending, and how surprised and delighted they were to feel comfortable, welcomed, and what fun it turned out to be girlie and sexy on stage. And to have learned a few movements – and attitude! – that can be incorporated into their wcs.

Saturday the Champions danced their second round of Jack and Jills: the CHAMPIONS ROYAL FLUSH ROUND 2 – “Rat Pack”

Ladies in Vegas dresses and heels, men in “James Bond”

Parker: “DAMN I miss you ladies dancing in dresses!

“Sharlot! Best legs in swing!

“Wait – my mom’s sitting right over there. Sharlot has the *second* best legs in swing.

“Mom I’m so glad you’re here. But Mom I just gotta say – stuff’s gonna get weird.

“Okay now for the second round of our Champions Royal Flush. Calling out our judges – but where’s Torri? At the bar? Can someone go get Torri?

“Where’s our Floor Coordinator, Vivian? Anyone see Vivian? She’s at the bar, too?”

1. Brent and Jen, “Diamonds/Adorn” (Travis Garland)

2. Ben and Jessica, “Overnight” (Zac Brown and Trombone Shorty)

Parker: “One year at Monterey Jessica and I went out to eat at Bubba’s restaurant and saw Sharlot there.

“Sharlot said “You two should have babies.

“We both said “Nope. Never gonna happen. A Cuban-Mexican baby? Too hairy.”

3. Kielbasa and Deborah, “Just In Case” (Jaheim)

4. Jordan and Melissa, “No Diggity” (Blackstreet)

5. Lindo and Tatiana, “Valerie” (Amy Winehouse)

6. Kyle and Kellese, “Creep” (TLC)

7. Benji and Sarah, “Le Ballet” (Celine Dion)

Parker: “Did you see that? Sarah left the floor still tripling.”

And the All-Skate to “Heartbreak Hotel” (Grieves)

Here’s how the Champions’ Royal Flush works: They compete in three Jack and Jills – Friday night’s “White Party,” Saturday night’s “Rat Pack Party,” and Sunday’s “Pajama Party,” each time paired randomly with a new partner. At Awards one leader and one follower are announced as Winners Overall. Guess who won? Both the same leader and follower as won last year! Benji and Jessica!

So Sunday morning we’re waiting for Jack and Jill finals to begin and the lights go down.

Pitch black, only the red glow of neon from the SinCity marquee at the back of the stage.

And then a dim yellow nightlight falls on a pile of sleeping people in pajamas, all in a heap on top of each other, feet in faces, elbows in ribs.

Your eyes begin to adjust and you start to make out ghostly forms – is that Benji in a onsie? There’s Tatiana’s blonde hair in – pigtails? There’s Jen – but what’s that on her face? It looks greenish?

What is that gigantic blob of white sheets and pillows? Wait – is that Kyle? Is he wearing a bed?

A head pops up and heaves a leg out of its face.

Someone flails around in a thrashing fit.

A shoe is yanked off and hurled across the room.

You hear irritable mumbling, snoring.

Louis begins to play “Sleep All Day” (Jason Mraz) and the lights come up slowly …

Yes! That is Kyle! But, in a toga? I guess Kyle must wear a toga made of two sheets as pajamas? Lucky Sarah!

Oh, so that’s what that is on Jen’s face – a greenish mud-mask. Tatiana in men’s boxers covered with hearts. Benji in cuddly footy pajamas.

There’s Kellese in a beautiful sheer chiffon neglige. Luuucky Brent!

Jessie, Sarah, Jordan, Brent, Melissa, John and Deborah all in various combinations of pajama bottoms and sleepy t-shirts. Michael Kielbasa bare-chested, still in dress pants.

But where’s Ben? No Ben to be found. We hear Parker muttering on the mic where’s Ben? Earl’s looking around where’s Ben anybody see Ben? No Ben to be seen.

And then, from under the backdrop curtain, out comes rolling Mr. Walk of Shame himself, Ben — in his dress shirt and suit jacket from last night, tie dangling on his neck, no pants just his boxers, one sock, one shoe — covered with red lipstick kisses up his thighs, on his shirt, cheeks, and smeared across his mouth.  Looking very happy and still drunk.

And that is how Sunday’s Pajama Party Jack and Jill finals begin.


“Did you have fun last night?

“Anyone gamble? Anyone make any money? (lots of hands go up)

“Anyone lose any money? (lots of hands go up)

“Anyone lose a lot of money? (someone groans “Yes – $800.)

“So many stories to tell from last night. But we have Jack and Jills to do – I’ll weave them in.”

But first it was Brad Whelan’s birthday, so Earl presented him with his birthday gift: The Earl Himself, dropping his bathrobe to the floor to reveal The Earl Himself in his jockey shorts. (Which Head Judge Mark Sheuffle carefully removed without touching by using his pen and clipboard as broom and dustpan – Jordan: “Good idea Mark, maybe we need to get Hazmat in here.”)

I should mention that every time I looked at Earl last weekend he was holding his phone up with a silly grin on his face, taking pictures and videos non-stop. Funniest was to see him in his shorts, still with his phone in his hand, still trying desperately to capture every single moment. I hope he doesn’t lose his phone. Hope it’s password protected.


“Let’s Go” (Calvin Harris)
(uh oh, there were two more for this division but I forget what they were oops)

And your SinCity Novice Pajama Party Jack and Jill Winners:

1ST PLACE Tip West and Hailey Tipro
2nd Thomas Lewis and Laura Mackie
3rd Michael Smith and Emily Allen-Rose
4th Allen Ulbricht and Marylou Starr
5th Gregory Sogno and Katie Mackay
6th Mark Narang and Christie Oldham
7th James Dooley and Merima Helic
8th Kark Olney and Brittany Shakespear
9th Rogan Guild and Cassanra Scatham
10th Aaron Selfridge and Meagan Maguire
11th Matt Bower and Krista Longoria
12th Eric Falconer and Mindy Halladay
13th Michael Pish and Keely Shiraki


“Aht Uh Mi Head” (Shaun Escoffery)
“Trouble” (Bei Meijor)
“Scream” (Usher)

And your SinCity 2013 Intermediate Pajama Party Jack and Jill Winners:

1ST PLACE Christian Spengler and Ani Fuller
2nd Jeff Smith and Sandrine Tarea
3rd Ludovic Franc and Terra Summers
4th Jasper Liu and Louise Capps
5th Ajay Ranipeta and Lauren Wood
6th Jose Ilanes and Alena Mischenko
7th Corey Flowers and Alison Strong
8th Edward Maddox and Olga Hermann
9th David Dobyns and Julia Alekseyeva
10th Franck Nativel Fontaine and Jessica Murray

Jordan: “I’m amazed at the level of dance in the past two years in Novice and Intermediate. It’s some of the best dancing you’ll see.”

“We’ve got dancers here this weekend from Russia, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, France, Morocco, Canada – how cool is that!

“So Melissa Rutz went out to a strip club last night. Her first time at a strip club.

“Brad Whelan decides to cover her entire body in $1’s.

“Melissa asks “What does this mean?”

“Brad says, “Just wait. You’ll see.”

“Let’s just say — it was a feeding frenzy. And Melissa was left with a bite mark.

“On her thigh.” (Melissa shows us a mouth-shaped bruise on her inner thigh.)

“That’s kinda hot Melissa.”

ADVANCED (Spotlight)

1. Thomas Carter and Susan Brown, “Damaged” (Danity Kane)

2. Steven Nguyen and Anya Crane, “Stuttering” (Mario)

Jordan: “You prefer Steven Van Win, right? Cause what I’m reading here says (he’s pronouncing v-e-r-y slowly) Steven Nnnn Guy Yen. But okay, Steven Van Win.”

3. Adam Sanborn and Larisa Tingle, “SMH” (Detail and Flo Rida)

4. Matt Richie and Laura DeShano, “Own This Club” (Marvin Priest)

Louis is playing Brahms’ “Lullabye” and various other pajama party sleepy tunes during the breaks. (Jordan: “Isn’t Louis great? He fills up a lot of dead air space. We definitely notice when Louis is not at an event. His presence makes a real difference.”)

5. Ryan Marchand and Samia Amrani, “Don’t Wanna Go Home” (Jason Derulo)

6. Andrew Sunada and Regina Shpigel, “Available” (Flo Rida)

7. Bret and Shoshi, “Telephone” (Lady Gaga)

8. Forrest Hanson and Joelle Noire, “In The Dark” (Dev and Flo Rida)

9. Eric Gray and Liza Hillman, “Who Dat Girl” (Flo Rida)

10. BJ Woolston and Kristen Humphrey, “Love Is Gone” (Chris Willis)

11. Jason Sun and Shantala Davis, – oops forget their song

And the All-Skate to “Ordinary People” (Noah)

The judges are standing at the back, making final marks on their clipboards, when suddenly Jessica comes FLYING out onto the floor and heaves a pillow at Torri’s head BOOM and races off out of the room. KERFLOP! WHOOM! Torri is blown backwards, we hear clipboards and glasses clattering to the ground, then Torri, red-faced, charges off the floor in the direction in which Jessica disappeared.

Jordan: “They’re used to this. They live together.

“Parker set up a live web-cam at their house. It’s called where for a small monthly fee you get to watch these girls’ crazy lives.”

And your SinCity 2013 Advanced Pajama Party Jack and Jill Winners:

1ST PLACE Eric Gray and Liza Hillman
2nd Forrest Hanson and Jolle Noire
3rd Adam Sanborn and Larisa Tingle
4th Matt Richey and Laura DeShano
5th Steven Nguyen and Anya Crane
6th Andrew Sunada and Regina Shpigel
7th Ryan Marchand and Samia Amrani
8th Jason Sun and Shanti Davis
9th BJ Woolston and Kristen Humphrey
10th Bret Navarre and Shoshi Kushnir
11th Thomas Carter and Susan Brown

I’ve already told you about Allstars (or as Jordan called it, “The Chippendale’s Division“) and Masters (how great was it to see Carlito dancing in Masters? What a great person, wonderful dancer, wise judge!)

Champions danced in one heat for the ROYAL FLUSH PART 3 – Pajama Party, what has to be THE most outrageous Champions Jack and Jill I’ve ever seen. No videos (unless some surface) (maybe Earl’s) because no videographer at the event this year – definitely a good move on Earl and Parker’s part. This event – you just gotta be there, that’s all. Too many brilliantly inappropriate moments that must stay in Vegas.

Here are the couples in that last round:

Kyle and Jessica
Jordan and Jen
Brent and Sarah
Michael Kielbasa and Tatiana
John Lindo and Deborah
Benji and Kellese
Ben and Melissa

And their songs:  “Thriftshop” (Dani M Bootleg); “Heartbreak Hotel” (Grieves); and “How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong” (James Cotten)

And your SinCity 2013 CHAMPIONS ROYAL FLUSH Overall Winners:

2nd Ben Morris
3rd Kyle

1ST PLACE Jessica
2nd Jen
3rd Sarah

Jordan: “So many stories from this weekend.

“You can go home and tell your friends to come next year.

“But only tell the cool friends.

“And I recommend you buy Brad’s photos. Buy them, get them off his hard drive, and then delete them. Delete the evidence.”

So much more to tell! The Pool and Cabana Party! White Night! The Lobby Bar!

Next Update.

And in the meantime here are pictures. The ones I can post. I have sooooo many I can’t.


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