SinCity 2013 – Update #1

Jordan: “So Friday night we made an excursion to the Strip. We hit several clubs, have a few drinks, find ourselves in a strip club.

“We’re watching the girls dance and Sarah decides she can dance better than the girls on stage. So she gets up there and starts body-rolling, weaving, waving.

“Security comes over and I’m thinking uh oh here we go.

He asks “Sir, is she with you?”

I wanted to say no, we don’t know her.

“Sir, we had a request for her up in the VIP room.”

I tell Sarah and you know what she says?

“What’s the VIP fee?”

SinCity! A unique event.

It’s a party with dancing — not a dance event with partying.

It’s a five-day party organized to take advantage of the locale, with long stretches of unscheduled time to get with your dance friends from around the world and …

  • Go clubbing on the Strip!
  • Eat at any of the world-class famous chef owned dining venues!
  • Catch spectacular Vegas shows!
  • Relax in any of the hotel’s gorgeous pools – including the topless pool and spa on the upper level!
  • Gamble! Slots, tables, casino in our hotel and stunning casinos everywhere else!
  • Play at Saturday’s pool and Cabana party!
  • And the best part – social dance your butt off all day and night, whenever you want! And if you feel like competing (lots of people did) – you’ve got wsdc-sanctioned jack-and-jills.

The music! Vegas-style dirty music round the clock –  in the ballroom, casino, restaurants, out by the pools – thumpin’ party music anywhere you go 24/7 – and Louis, Victor and Lindo at their DJing best, playing all kinds of great stuff they can’t play anywhere else.  Tiny little Sarah in bikini, shades, and boots DJ’ing Saturday’s pool party – oh man her music! BAD ASS.

ALLSTAR “Pajama Party” Jack and Jill Final (Spotlight)

1. Mark Bloom and Irina Puzanova, “On The Rocks” (Grieves)

2. Rome and Tara, “Crickets” (Drop City Yacht Club & Jeremin)  

Tara walks onto the floor in a bright red “onsie” footy pajamas  —  and an additional “good morning” “feature” in the pants.

Then Rome walks out.

And begins to unbutton his shirt. Looking to the audience “Should I take it off?” ballroom screaming YES!TAKE IT OFF!YES! – judges trying to maintain composure –

And then he begins to unbuckle his belt.

Drops his jeans, and stands beaming at us in his briefs.

The audience is going berserk.

What a chest! What a body! One good-looking body on that boy.

And of course Tara, not to be outdone, then pulls down her pj’s to expose a black lacy bra.

And that, my friends, is how they danced their final.

Jordan: “I guess they’re not Juniors anymore.”

3. Piper and Lindsey, “No Diggity” (Blackstreet)

4. Melissa Rollins and Matt Nichols, “Trouble” (Bei Maejor)

Jordan: “So Melissa are you going to take off some clothes? Your belt? PLEASE?!? Just take off your belt?!?”

5. Gary Ulaner and Kara, “Novacane” (Frank Ocean)

6. Josh Sturgeon and Bella, “Tonight” (John Legend) A romantic song which fortunately includes the lyric “hit me with the breast stroke” which is supposed to be a swimming metaphor but which Josh interpreted by actually stroking a breast.

Jordan: “Hashtag #sincityproblems. When a leader’s interpretation is just too literal.”

7. Brad and Amber, “Adorn” (Miguel)

Final All-Skate to “Sexy And I Know It”

And your SinCity Pajama Party Allstar Winners!

1ST PLACE Brad and Amber
2nd Josh Sturgeon and Bella
3rd Mark Blume and Irina Puzanova
4th Piper and Lindsey
5th Rome and Tara
6th Gary Ulaner and Kara
7th Matt and Melissa

MASTERS FINALS (or as Jordan says, “Masters Of The Universe”) (heated)

It’s Sunday, Jordan’s bringing on the contestants, thanking Louis for his awesome music all weekend, when BAM! Kyle, in several sheets barely held together as a toga, grasping pillows to his chest like bouncing boobs,  a big blob of an apparition comes bounce-flying out of nowhere and HEAVES the pillows at Jordan’s head. NAILS him. We hear CLUNK CRASH mic static noises.

Jordan: “Dude.

“There’s another night here. I know what room you’re in.

“Dude you’re DEAD. There’s gonna be NAIR in the shampoo.

“I think you knocked my tooth out.”

Masters get up to dance, I’m scratching notes and BAM! BOOM! I’m hit in the head by the beach-ball sized giant blow-up die we’ve been tossing to determine rotations, pen and papers flying everywhere. Thank you Genieboy very funny. Dude I know what room you’re in. There’s gonna be Nair in your shampoo.

Masters danced to “Blurred Lines” (Robin Thicke) (Jordan: “What a great song! Best song of the summer.”) “Let’s Get It On” (Marvin Gaye) and “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” (Joshua Ledet)

And your SinCity Pajama Party Masters Winners!

1ST PLACE Genieboy and Peggy Allen
2nd Tip West and Mindy Halladay
3rd Martin Brown and Jennifer Vaughn
4th Patrick Plagens and Helen Tang
5th Carlito and Sherry Shahan
6th Joel DeMarco and Lyn Henry
7th Benson Malto and Betty Whyte

Jordan: “I want to thank Parker and Earl for taking a HUGE risk going in to this event – thank them for creating a place where we adults can let our hair down. We LOVE the juniors! Love to have them at dance events. But here at *this* event we can be the juniors for one weekend! Thanks to Earl, Parker, and Nathan for putting it together.”

Snapchatting all weekend to people wishing they could be there, receiving out-of-left-field snaps in return: a video from AnneMarie channelling Metallica, thrashing and head-banging posessed excorcist-style; Stephen White riding a unicycle around a pole gripping it for dear life, making a sad mad face cause he wasn’t in Vegas …

Who was at SinCity? Next update.

Should you come next year? Next update.

More results! – next update.

Crazy stories of debauchery and general merry-making! – next update.

Wild dancing in the Lobby Bar! – next update.


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