Swing Fling 2013 – Update #4

Solid black. Eyes on fire. He stands there. So much intensity he’s burning a hole in the floor.

And then.

SHE emerges. From behind him.  Turns to face him.

And there in all it’s fleshy glory is her jiggling, naked arse.

Every jaw in the ballroom dropped. Every lung gasped for air. Every eye was on one thing only.

That shiny white, raw, triumphant bum!

And then they danced, to the darkest, dirtiest, oozingly slow, 1920’s strip-tease jazz. Billy Fajardo and Katie Marlow, performing an adagio so erotic you forgot your own name.

Legs spread wide, offering herself to him in slow motion, above, under, wide open, splits across the floor, in the air, displaying her body to him and us in uninhibited surrender.

A piece so over the top, so witty, so absolutely obscene  —  without for a second being vulgar.

Friends watching upstairs in the room texted “what’s happening in the ballroom? Up here it’s non-stop screaming!”

I don’t know what was happening in the ballroom. I was too flabbergasted to hear anything.

When I did regain my senses I found myself in the midst of a wild uproar – the entire audience on their feet in a howl of roaring, cheering insanity.

Genieboy came rushing up in a frenzy, pushing his way across people to reach me sitting with my camera up on the floor, yelling “I WANT TO DO THAT! I want to do that TONIGHT!”  

On the way out of the ballroom men all around, newly invigorated and enlivened, brushing past on every side announcing to anyone “THAT’S what I’ve been talking about! I want THAT!”

Here’s the live stream of the entire Superstar Show of Saturday night. Billy Fajardo and Katie Marlow’s superb piece was the final routine of the show. You can find it at 48:56:00.

The whole night was fun!

First, eight Rising Star routines:

1. TJ Bednash & Marine Fabre – NEW! – dancing to “Jump” (with double cart-wheels!)

2. Blaine Schultz & Raquel Williams – NEW! – to “T.H.E.” (Will.I.Am.)

3. Frank Blakemore & Faith Musko to “Love Struck” (Vs Factory)

4. Mordecai Fayas & Lauren Assaf dancing to “What A Feeling” (Alex Gaudino and Kelly Rowland)

5. Billy Marti & Veronica Castilla “The Vision of Love” (Kris Allen)

6. Scott Mehlberg & Dallas Radcliffe “It’s Time” (Imagine Dragons)

7. Jonathan Regan & Stevie Bliss “Crazy” (Ray LaMontagne)

8. Michael Saloka & Nicole Zwerlein “Feel Again” (One Republic)

Watch them all here!

The Charlottesville community brought a crowd up to Swing Fling.  So Robert tells us they had a pizza party down there in Charlottesville, Will Burbage was making balloon animals and hats.

Robert says “I wanted a balloon hat. I was disappointed I didn’t get one.”

Out walks Ava – Eddie and Adela’s beautiful 11-yr-old daughter – and places a ridiculously huge balloon hat on Robert’s head.  Here’s a picture.

So we’re halfway through Rising Star, and Robert pulls out his phone, looks shocked, stalks over to Jody Moscaritolo who’s sitting on the judging panel.

“JODY MOSCARITOLO! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE JUDGING, NOT POSTING PICTURES OF ME IN A BALLOON HAT ON FACEBOOK! You’re supposed to be working! This is going to reflect VERY poorly on your apprenticeship!” (Jody was one of many students in the judging program.) Very funny moment.

Open Routine Division

1. Luis Crespo & Jennifer Pasetes, “Fight For Me”

2. Kevin Fitzhugh & Schroeder Noble, “Knee Deep” (Funkadelic)

3. Sebastine Cadet & Blandine Iche, “Skinny Love” (Birdy) (here’s a description from SwingDiego)

Watch these routines here! 

Superstar Show

1. Billy Marti and Veronica Castilla in a wild and wonderful Showcase Salsa “Do You Wanna Dance” (Bad Boy Orchestra)

2. The Markers! With “Creep”here’s the description from Chicago

3. Brent and Kellese showing us what love looks like on the dance floor – no routine, just beautiful west coast. “Let Me Love You” (acoustic) Mario

4. Stephen and Sabrina with their beautiful Showcase routine, “Somewhere With You” (description from Summer Hummer)

5. Jameson Kilburn and Christy Kam, sassy hustle to “Vamos A Bailat” (Gypsy Kings)

6. Luis and Taletha’s terrific Classic routine, “Hotel California”

7. Jason and Sophy’s Showcase, “Starships”

8. Erik and Anna Novoa’s spooky “Wild Thing” (Tone Loc)  – man do they look ferocious. I was scared they might jump out and bite someone, like pitbulls. (Description from Swing Fling 2011)

9. Rob and Connie, goofy, funky, playful as ever, nailing their Showcase routine – “I Feel Good” (Description from the Open)

10. Kelvin and Lori Ann, “Blood On The Dance Floor” – they’re a force. So powerful and clean they almost make me want to learn hustle.

11. Ben and Cameo’s terrific Classic routine, “Too Close” (Alex Clare)

12. Danny McGee and Ginny Carey, “Wepa” (Gloria Estefan), stunning costume on a stunning girl, another dramatic hustle routine that makes me almost like the dance. Mess-up at the end – awww, you felt really bad for them cause they’re an extremely likeable couple and extremely good dancers.

13. Sean and Courtney’s marvelous Classic, “I Knew You Were Trouble” (and by the way – they’re engaged! Thinking about a fall wedding. And even more importantly – they bought a new washer and dryer! YAY for love!)

14. Greg and Lemery’s stunning Showcase, “Your Eyes”

15. AND of course — the final act — Billy Fajardo and Katy Marlowe in the sexiest bit of theater art you might ever see.

See all these fabulous routines here.

Open Jack and Jill Finals (check out Louis’ awesome songs.)

1. Jason Wayne and Blandine, to “Hot In Here” (Jenny Owen Youngs)

2. Brent and Sabrina, “Diamonds” (Noah)

3. Luis and Annmarie, with lots of stroking of Luis’ hunky chest, to “Pretty Girl” (Ernie Halter)

4. Ben McHenry and Lemery, “I Just Want To Make You Sweat” (some great acoustic version)

Robert: “Um. I think Lemery’s pole-dancing lessons are paying off.”

5. Greg and Kellese ….

Robert: “How are you doing Greg? Life is pretty good, isn’t it? Cause I just SAW how good life is.

“So you’ve drawn Kellese! All I gotta say Greg is — HANG ON.”

Greg and Kellese danced to “Loving You Tonight” (Andrew Allen)

6. Stephen White and Courtney, “How To Love” (Daniel de Bourg)

7. Arjay and Sophy, “Can’t Help But Wait” (Passion)

8. Rob and Connie, in which Royston was teasing them throughout, to “Everyday People”

9. Brennar and Hazel, “Cyclone” (Ernie Halter)

10. Markus and Tren (yes they pulled each other!), “Price Tag” (Ebony Day and Ortopilot)

11. Jason Barnes and Deborah, “Overnight” (Zac Brown)

And the All-Skate to “Let Me C It” (Petey Pablo)

Awesome dancing in this division. Simply awesome.

Robert: “This was one of the best Jack and Jills I’ve ever seen.

“And I want you to notice something. We just got a lesson in patience. And paying attention.

“All those lessons you take where you learn technique and patterns – what we learned watching this was more important than any of those things.

“We learned about patience – waiting for each other – listening – paying attention.

“And it was some of the best technique I’ve ever seen.

“This was a great Jack and Jill.”

Yes, it was. Inspiring.

April Prince played great music for Sunday’s finals:

“Powerful Stuff” (Sean Hayes)
“Suit and Tie” (Justin)
“It’s a Blue Blue World”

“Miss Right” (Ne-Yo)
“Blueboy” (John Fogerty)
“Bring It On” (Mani)
“1,2,3,4” (Coolio)

“Respect” (Aretha)
“I Never Been To Spain” (No Refund Band)
“18 Months” (Calvin Harris)

“A Natural Man” (Lou Rawls)
— some lovely acoustic something — didn’t know it — let’s ask April!
“Boom Boom” (Justice Crew)



1ST PLACE Sebastine & Blandine
2nd Luis & Jenn
3rd Kevin & Schroeder


1ST PLACE Mordecai & Lauren
2nd Billy & Veronica
3rd Michael & Nicole
4th TJ Bednash & Marine
5th Frank & Faith
6th Jonathan & Stevie
7th Blaine & Raquel
8th Scott & Dallas


Sophisticated SS

1ST PLACE Genieboy & Kristin Wenger
2 Kenny Roesel & Debbie Tuttle
3 Claude Fortin & Gordana Fortin
4 Miguel Valle & Sara Hilbrich
5 Richard & Susan Defelice
6 Randolph Peters & Jennifer Summar
7 Roy Rafter & Cheryl Rafter
8 Sam Miller & Dawn Gammon
9 Hal Greenwald & Ariela Sofer
10 Frank Tehel & Gina Hanvey
11 Don Brown & Dannielle Mallonee

Novice SS

1ST PLACE Craig Miyamoto & Kimberly Wilhelm
2 Trevor Krumm & Rebecca Thiele
3 Romero Royster & Esther Jennings
4 Rick Barney & Heather Graddy
5 James Kong & Anna Batista
6 Klaus Dobler & Laura Pendleton
7 Richard Defelice & Susan Defelice
8 Faith Pangilinan & Matt Eddy
9 Lionel Lei & Julie Walker
10 Ryan Hayes & Rebecca Norton
11 Christopher Kashuba & Gina Pennington
12 Michael Linger & Danielle Cooper
13 Thomas Anderson & Stephanie Courtney
14 Steven Shaughnessy & Kathryn Johanessen

Intermediate SS

1ST PLACE Jeramy Govert & Rehanna Loncar
2 Ryan Shead & Raquel Williams
3 Aidan Keith-Hynes & Alyssa Lundgren
4 David Goldenberg & Lia Brown
5 Marc Carter & Emma Carter
6 Chris Edwards & Faith Musko
7 Sam Easley & Ramune Daisy Sveikyte
8 Curt Kothera & Lura Johnson
9 Chris Wrigley & Amber Hicks
10 Brian Richards & Sonia Silinsky Krupnikova

Advanced SS

1ST PLACE Ludovic Franc & Sandrine Tarea
2 Myat Nyunt & Margaret Tuttle
3 Sebastian Cadet & Sonya Dessureault
4 Roy Legaspi & Kelly Laderoute
5 Genieboy Collins & Lana May
6 Gerry Morris & Jennifer Sumnar
7 Ron Mccarthy & Mary Beth Lane

Open SS

1ST PLACE Brennar Goree & Cameo Cross
2 Robert Royston & Blandine
3 Arjay & Courtney
4 Greg & Lemery
5 Ben McHenry & Libby
6 Jason & Yvonne Wayne
7 Markus & Tren
8 Jason Barnes & Deborah
9 Luis & Connie
10 Brent & Whitney Brown
11 Jason Miklic & Hazel
12 Tybaldt & Sophy


Sophisticated JJ

1ST PLACE Genieboy & Kristin Wenger
2 Shawn Brennan & Lana May
3 Miguel Valle & Jennifer Summar
4 Kurt Senser & Bridget Richard
5 Phil Bradfield & Debbie Tuttle
6 Gerry Morris & Kathryn Johanessen
7 Claude Fortin & Tracy Gauthier
8 Sam Easley & Mary Ann Higgins
9 Roy Rafter & Robin Tittley
10 Richard Defelice & Noelle Van Woert
11 Bill Hopkins & Susan Defelice
12 Randolph Peters & Gordana Fortin
13 Buzz Bunting & Dee Barron

Newcomer JJ

1ST PLACE Daniil Pavlov & Emily Osborne
2 Ian O’Gorman & Essie Wright
3 Buzz Bunting & Sharon Grimet
4 William Gomez & Kelly Dalton
5 Charles Katz & Alyssa Arter
6 Patrick Keith-Hynes & Rebecca Linger
7 Kyle King & Carol Baldwin
8 Andrew Hefele & Cheryl Rafter
9 Dan Rogul & Dannielle Mallonee
10 Michael Linger & April Northcutt
11 Mike Reher & Blair Stanford
12 William Santini & Monica Ly
13 David Gant & Sherri Wildoner
14 Daniel White & Gina Hanvey
15 Frank Tehel & Michelle Limoli

Novice JJ

1ST PLACE Romero Royster & Bernadette Sy
2 Dave Mu & Jody Nagel
3 Ronald Fisher & Christina Morton
4 Henry Hwi & Kristen Shaw
5 Tony Walker & Barbara Vicar
6 Blaine Schultz & Stevie Bliss
7 Eric Valentine & Lana May
8 Craig Miyamoto & Stephanie Courtney
9 Lionel Lei & Kathy Tang
10 Jonathan Regan & Esther Jennings
11 Jason Laska & Emma Carter
12 Trevor Krumm & Allison Bennett
13 James Kong & Susan Defelice
14 Sam Easley & Tammy Davis
15 Randolph Peters & Cat Crosby

Intermediate JJ

1ST PLACE Frank Blakemore & Rehanna Loncar
2 Chris Wrigley & Sandrine Tarea
3 Sammy Powers & Alyssa Lundgren
4 Christopher Muise & Alexis Pero
5 Curt Kothera & Jena Mabrey
6 Miguel Valle & Robin Tittley
7 Aidan Keith-Hynes & Raquel Williams
8 Marc Carter & Ramune Daisy Sveikyte
9 Froilan Mate & Jenny Layug
10 Eddie Karoliussen & Amber Hicks
11 Louis Sheridan & Faith Musko
12 David Goldenberg & Nicole Szulc
13 Mordecai Fayas & Melody Sturdivant
14 Myat Nyunt & Kelli Kilgore
15 Jerry Wang & Shelby Thorne

Advanced JJ

1ST PLACE Sebastien Cadet & Sonya Dessureault
2 Ludovic Franc & Marine Fabre
3 Roy Legaspi & Margaret Tuttle
4 Scott Mehlberg & Whitney Bartlett
5 Bradley Wheeler & Taylor Bechtold
6 Jim Chow & Whitney Brown
7 Genieboy & Mariel Manzone (our favorite dumb blonde)
8 Sean Ryan & Libby Collins
9 Steve Wilder & Nicole Zwerlein
10 Christopher Moy & Abby Stone
11 Stephane Schneider & Maria Ford
12 Gerry Morris & Veronica Castilla
13 Ed Francell & Kimiko Lashley

Open JJ

1ST PLACE Brennar & Hazel
2 Ben McHenry & Lemery
3 Luis & Annemarie
4 Markus & Tren
5 Brent & Sabrina
6 Rob & Connie
7 Greg & Kellese
8 Arjay & Sophy
9 Jason Barnes & Deborah
10 Jason Wayne & Blandine
11 Stephen White & Courtney

Tournament Jack and Jill

1ST PLACE Frank Blakemore & Bernadette Sy
2 Scott Mehlberg & Jennifer Summar
3 Genieboy & Libby

1ST PLACE DC Roleplay
2nd DC Swing

1ST PLACE Daniel and Atoy
2nd Kurt Senser & Heather Powers
3rd Get Fresh (Taylor Garrish) Dean and Dawn’s younger daughter WOW!! Who knew?!?!? This girl has FUNK!! She’s gorgeous like her older sister, and ATTITUDE to die for! She’s mini-Dawn. On steroids. What a trip it’s going to be watching this little terror!

Nice Swing Fling this year!

This hotel is just perfect for an event of this size. Don’t know numbers but I’m guessing about 500? 600?

However many, it was the perfect number for this ballroom. The floor always felt full (and it was! Dancing all four nights until dawn!) – but always room for your slot – and just enough room to breathe on either side of your slot – so that you could actually dance without fear of being hurt.

And plenty of table space where you could dump your stuff and get to it easily. Or rest comfortably when you felt like taking a break. Or share baked goods (if you don’t know Adela Su from Charlottesville you might consider meeting her, just for the breads, cakes, and cookies. She’s also nice, but the main reason to know her is for the baked goods.)

(I’m not a fan of risers. They’re uncomfortable, cramped, you can’t get in and out, worries about stuff being stolen or trampled. Risers can ruin a weekend.  Especially if you’re large, old, with kids or family, or have sprained whatevers.)

One last mention of the ballroom. There has NEVER been a ballroom so beautiful as this one. Candy-colored spectacular light show. So gorgeous and mesmerizing I was like a cat following a laser-beam all weekend long.

Dave Moldover is the George Lucas of the west coast world.


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