Swing Fling 2013 – Update #3

Royston is ON FIRE this weekend. Most ridiculous hilarious great we’ve ever seen him, ever. People are saying yesterday was THE funnest day of Jack and Jills they’ve ever had – Royston was solid jokes – Rolling-On-The-Floor-Laughing zany jokes – the entire day. Belly gripping funny.

And Louis! Louis played all day so it was solid funny FUNNY music clips from the moment west coast jack and jills began till the ballroom closed at 6.

Between the two of them – Royston and Louis – it was like a comedy team, like Johnny Carson and Doc Severinsen.

Seriously, without a break, all day hilarious.

And then, last night! Oh. My. Gawd. Almight. Royston – holy shamoly – he needs a job in standup.

Last night was GREAT! SO GREAT!

The show! Amaaaaazing! Most memorably the final routine – hhahahahaha omg!! screamingly (and I mean everyone screaming) terrific – which I will tell you about later.

And then – the Open Jack and Jill. And man oh man did we get to see these guys do their dance. WOW!

Between the magnificent ballroom (they played with the lights and spots all night to make it so spectacularly gorgeous I wanted to weep,) the talent here, Royston’s genius, and Louis – brillant Louis – last night was simply perfect.

This is a fun comp, really fun.

Here are a tiny few of the many terrific pictures I’m getting – and many other photographer friends here are getting great pictures, too, so look around on facebook.

We left the ballroom last night at 4:30 – the entire lobby, lobby floor, vendors, ballroom were still as busy and crowded as during the day.

Gorgeous weather all weekend, so unlike typical DC August! It’s SoCal here! Weather’s main goal in life!


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