Swing Fling 2013 – Update #1

The lighting here is FANTASTIC!

Fire-engine red, neon green, brilliant yellow, hot pink – whirling across the floor and walls in changing patterns. And in the middle of the floor a huge Swing Fling logo At the back the floor to ceiling backdrop which appears to be a black panel covered with bright blue and white flickering lights – it’s like a dense cluster of stars in a night sky – just gorgeous.

And – get this – smoke jets! That explode to the music, with colors.

Candy for the eyes. Brought back the psychedelic hippie in me “Whooooa liiiights grooooovy”

Last night’s dancing (in that beautiful main ballroom) was pretty good for a Thursday night at a smaller event. Only 7 couples on the floor till midnight when it suddenly picked up big time – I counted over 50 couples at one point, 30+ when we left at 2:30, with many people sitting around the edges.

Kellese, Brent, and Deborah Szekely were out dancing with any and everyone from 9pm till we left – pretty cool.

The music so far has been – in my opinionated opinion – reallllly gooood. Don’t know who DJ’d last night but they done good.

Warm-up tunes today before Pro-Ams – more awesome. Blurred Lines, Treasure, Get Lucky, Can’t Hold Us … you get the picture.

In-room TV here all weekend – cameras up high so we get a view of the whole floor. It’s great to be able to see and hear the ballroom (reception is excellent) to know exactly where we are in the schedule.

Today’s been all Hustle until now (3pm as I write this.)  Just starting west coast pro-am strictlys now. More Hustle after this.

Tonight – Strictlys: Sophisticated (either 30+ or 40+ yrs. old), Nov, Inter, Adv, and Open).

And more all-night dancing in this crazy amazing ballroom. Could be any high-end dance club and we have it right here in our hotel!


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