Desert City 2013 – Update #2

Stories in a moment … but first!

Jack and Jill Finalists!

And last night’s AWARDS!

By the way …

Yes, I did take pictures of the score sheets and yes I would be happy to text them to you if you missed them.

I always take pictures – on my phone so I can text them – cause after being asked 1,000 times if I had score sheets and having to chase down exhausted scoring people please send this sheet to that person that sheet to this one blah blah – after doing that several thousand times I got the briliant idea to save everyone a lot of trouble and take the pictures myself.

And every event, without fail, within SECONDS of leaving the scoring room I get fb messages, texts, emails asking for score sheets.

Also, even though I go to every wall and take TWO pictures of every single sheet – because I am neurotic – even though I make SURE to do that – every single time someone asks for the only one I forgot to take.

So I actually might not have what you need, on second thought.

Some events still don’t let you take pictures. That is a major pain, not just for me but for lots of people for lots of different reasons. Some events won’t allow you to see judges’ names. Or make you use secret disappearing access codes to get into a secret room on an invisible floor through a Fat Lady portrait and Dumbledore’s staircase – to get names of judges. Edward Snowden couldn’t get names of judges.

Thankfully Mike Gadberry (Event Director,) Phil Adams (Chief Judge,) Jim Tigges (Scorer) – and whoever else makes decisions about privacy/security clearance issues – allowed us to see all data (including prelims – people always want to see prelims and so many events guard prelims data like it’s chocolate) and furthermore, allowed us to photograph it all.

So yes, I have pictures of scoresheets.


(Judges: Nathan, Martin, Angel, Katie, Barry Jones, Carrie, Yvonnne, and Chief Judge Phil)
(Deejay: Louis)

John and Sarah, “Damaged” (Danity Kane)

Kyle and Deborah, “Cocaine” (Robin Thicke)

Parker and Melissa, “Available” (Flo Rida)

Brent and Tessa, “Down” (Jay Sean)

Maxence and Brandi, “Imma Be” (Taio Cruz)

Ben and Jessica, “International Love” (Pitbull)

Chris Dumond (dancing as first alternate for Jordan who had to scratch … because Jordan couldn’t dance …  because … okay just a min, lemme finish telling about Awards and then I’ll tell you what happened.)  So anyway Chris danced with Torri, to “Tik Tok” (Ke$ha)

Arjay and Jen, “Dip Out Of The Club” (Francisco)

Kielbasa and Tatiana, “Trouble Maker” (Akon)

Benji and Kellese – and I totally forget their song because I was so upset because … well ok when I finish Awards I’ll tell you what happened with this, too.


1ST PLACE Ben and Jessica
2nd Maxence and Brandi
3rd John and Sarah
4th Arjay and Jen
5th Chris and Torri


ALLSTAR FINALISTS (Dancing Spotlight)
(Judges: Martin, Angel, Michael Kiehm, Katie Boyle, Buddy, Barry, Carrie, Ch J Phil)
(Deejay: Louis)

Josh Williamson with Mackenzie, to some roaring 20’s something or other, if it were faster it’d make a good Lindy song. Not my taste but I wasn’t dancing, was I?

JB with Tashina, “I Thank You”

Diego with Kara, “Chain of Fools”

Tony Schubert with Kendra Sara, “All Around The World”

Scott Mason with Irina Puzanova, “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”

Brandon Gautreaux or Robin Thicke, not sure which, with Lindsay Nastos, “Further On Up The Road”

Julien with Nicole, “Swanee”

Jason Taylor with Shannon Tobin, “Ooh Poo Pah Doo”

John Piper (man does he have a cheering crowd of fans) and Hannah, “Turn It On” – OMG! THIS LITTLE GIRL AUGHGHGH! Multiple fouettes and pirouettes changing shape and speed in the middle stopping and starting never putting a second foot on the floor or even wiggling never off balance for even a second never hijacking –  just beautiful mind-boggling stuff everywhere to decorate John’s leads. Some huge one-leg-up-head-down-at-her-feet swinging something-or-other in place of a side pass. Slides, hips, drops … holy shamoly.  And with the happiest most relaxed smile! Gawd.

Cody Antelope and Chevy, “Some Kind of Wonderful”

Brad Whelan and Anyssa, “Blues In G”

And the All-Skate to “Turn Around” (Flo Rida)


1ST PLACE Scott and Irina
2nd Julien and Nicole
3rd JB and Tashina
4th Piper and Hannah
5th Brad and Anyssa


(Judges: Nathan, Martin, Angel, Katie, Buddy, Barry, Laureen, Ch J Phil)
(Deejay: Veeektor)

Nick De Vore with Miki Finley, [Is it just me or did everyone else think Niki and Miki! Hey!] “Only Girl” (Rihanna) – on “hold me like a pillow” Miki jumped on Nicki, wrapping her legs around his waist, hanging onto his neck.  Didn’t look like he minded.

Robert Campos with Maddy Finley, “Back In Time” (Pitbull)

Joseph Ivy with Liana Claxton, “Boom, Boom” (Justice Crew)

Bret Navarre with Joelle Noire, “Love Is Gone” (David Guetta)

Matt Richey with Kristen Humphrey, “Summer Jam” ( R.I.O.)

Carson Brand with Samia Amrani, “Wild Ones” (Sia and Flo Rida)

Hareesh Kapoor with Victoria Henk, “I Can Only Imagine” (David Guetta)

Thomas Carter with Larisa Tingle, “Give Me Everything” (Pitbull)

All-Skate – “Move Across The River”


1ST PLACE Matt and Kristen
2nd Nick and Miki
3rd Hareesh and Henk
4th Robert and Maddy
5th Carson and Samia


(Judges: Nathan, Martin, Angel, Katie, Laurie, Laureen, Chuck, Ch J Phil)

Gabe Toepel with Sammi Sekhon
Julian Lange with Jessica Green
Devin Guiliano with Delphine Grivel
Mike Carringer with Shani Harpak
Grant Simpson with Erica Piper
Matthew Lietzke with Britny Delp
Vivian Arnaud with Sharell Weeams
David Dobyns with Hannah Meyer
Christopher Chung with Allison Strong
Andrew Shellard with Jaclyn Hellmann


1ST PLACE Mike and Shani
2nd Devin and Delphine
3rd Christopher and Allison
4th Andrew and Jaclyn
5th Vivian and Sharell


NOVICE FINALISTS (Dancing Spotlight)
(Judges: Nathan, Martin, Angel, Katie, Laurie, Laureen, Chuck, Ch J Phil)

Raymond Byun with Megan Maguire
Marquis Campbell with Ali Ankeny
Kevin Menkal with Caitlin McCarthy
Paul Bishop with Corrine Schwartz
Aaron Selfridge with Mindy Halladay
Allen Vlbicht with Katie Clemons
Scott Larson with Galia Ilanov
Gordian Gossen with Julie Meliot
Rick Barfield with Morgan Karns


1ST PLACE Kevin and Caitlin
2nd Gordian (Germany!) and Julie
3rd Scott and Galia (Israel!)
4th Paul and Corrinne
5th Rick and Morgan


(Judges: Nathan, Martin, Angel, Katie, Barry, Laurie, Laureen, and Ch J Phil)
(DJ: Veeektor)

Alexander Vlahos with Michelle Dittfach, “Just Got Paid”

David Walkup with Darlene Graziano, “She’s a Bad Mama Jama”

Warren Pino with Peggy Allen, “Boogie Shoes”

Ed Halladay with Glenda Smith, “Rock With You”

Gary Thompson with Mindy Halladay, “No Romance”

Michael Krause with Laura Thompson, oops forget which song they got …

Patrick Plagens with Trish Connery, “All For You”

Tip West with Joann Podleski, “To Be Real”

Martin Brown with Laurie Shafer, oops again, forgot their song, too …

Zo Carroll with Gail Jacobson, “You Got The Best of My Love”

and the All-Skate to “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”


1ST PLACE David and Darlene
2nd Patrick and Trish
3rd Michael and Laura
4th Warren and Peggy
5th Martin and Laurie

Lots more to tell! Next Update.

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