Desert City 2013 – Update #1

What a fun event!

Great new hotel! Ten minutes from airport! Thrilling skyscraper-high waterslide; “lazy river” with tubes to float along in the sun around the perimeter of the property; giant golf course; fountains and waterfalls, small pools, rows of hibachis and comfy chairs; waterpark; rooms with bathroom in the bedroom at the foot of your bed – a little weird but maybe they have special needs in Phoenix;  gigantic ballroom of which we are using only half – next year the sliding room-separator doors will be opened to accomodate the 1300-1500 who will probably show up (this year 1,000+ dancers – two years ago this event won “best under 500” award at VIP WAG awards – it’s growing fast!).

All day at the pool – or – crazy great workshops (Brent and Kellese, Kielbasa, Rutz, Benji and Tori, Parker, Ben and Jen, Lindo and Jess, Kyle and Sarah, Tony and Larisa, Diego and Jessica, Bob and Anastasia, Chuck, Fred and Leslie, Michael Kiehm – HOLY MACKEREL!  (Tomorrow Maxence, Myles and Tessa, Laurie Schwimmer, Jordan and Tat – crazy. Like I said last year, this is where to get your PhD in west coast.)

Jack and Jills all night – ballroom PACKED with enthusiastic friends and fellow competitors. Love the rowdy support out here. Social dancing started immediately and as I write at 5am floor is PACKED PACKED PACKED. Great music!

If you didn’t feel like watching Jack and Jills there’s a second ballroom, open 24/7, up on the second floor, where you can social dance till your feet fall off your legs.

LOT of little kid dancers here. Who dance way better than most adult dancers I know. And I mean little, as in short. 8-, 9-, 10-year old dancers in all levels of Jack and Jills. Whole double row of them sitting along the floor. Wish we had this in DC!

Ronnie’s emcee this weekend – what a treat! Wow does he have energy! So funny! Ronnie doesn’t walk – he bounces around the room.

Thursday night’s Kickoff dance was decent – 50 couples on the floor when we left at 2am, another 60 people milling about. We heard it got more busy and more fun as soon as we left. Trying not to take this personally.

Not everything is perfect about this new venue – at least according to me and I’m 347% accurate.  More on this later.

But we’re having a blast so far.

Victor’s Comp Music

“Black Coffee and Cigarettes” (Mo Rodgers)
“The Way I R” (Timbaland)
“Sweet Home Chicago” (Eric Clapton)
“Good Times Roll” (Shaggy)
“Let The Good Times Roll” (Wayman Tisdale)
“Feedback” (Janet Jackson)
“Natural Man” (Lou Rawls)
“Yeah” (Usher)
“Down In The Valley”

“Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”
“Reign” (Bad News Bears)
“Do It Cause I Said So”
“Signed, Sealed, Delivered” (Craig David)
“Come Together” (Michael Jackson)
“What’s Your Name” (Usher)
“Pride and Joy”
“Mad” (Anthony Hamilton)
“Motown Philly” (Boyz II Men)
“Billy Jean” (Civil Wars)

“Baby Work Out” (George Benson)
“That’s The Way Love Goes” (Janet Jackson)
“Treasure” (Bruno Mars)
“Fine Brown Frame”
“Whatever Happens”
“Get Lucky” (Daft Punk)

“Spankin’ Leroy”
“Ode To Billy Joe”

Louis’ Comp Music

“Funky Mama” (Danny Gatton)
“Adorn” (Miguel)
“Can’t Touch This” (Oziriz and Dura)
“Danny’s Allstar Joint” (Rickie Lee Jones)
“Royals” (Lorde)   (I love Lorde! My personal music tastes are 347% accurate.)
“Now That We Found Love” (Heavy D and The Boys)

“Release” (Timbaland)
“Love Club” (Lorde)   (her again. I love her.)
“Turn The Night Up” (Enrique Iglesias)
“Promiscuous Girl” (Nelly Furtado)
“On The Rocks” (Grieves) (so good!)

Oh, and by the way, in last week’s Summer Hummer Recap I put up all those videos of Louis great music for Champions JJ and Strictly. Because Louis is great. (you can see the awesome music list, and videos, here.)

Except Louis wasn’t the deejay for Champions JJ or Strictly. Victor was. Because Victor is great too.

Louis and Victor together? The Dream Team.

The Dream Team is what we have here at Desert City this weekend!

So Ronnie’s on the mic, starts laughing his head off, saying “Are you hearing the songs Louis is playing during rotations? The GAYEST songs ever! Omg!” because Louis’ buffer music had just been a string of  “Raining Men,” “I Will Survive,” “Boom Boom Let’s Go Back To My Room,” “So Many Men, So Little Time,” “Dancing Queen,” and “We Are Family” all in a row.

Seriously funny.

Watch the live stream of Desert City all weekend long at thumbsup video!  Click here to watch. It’s free!

So tomorrow (Saturday’s) schedule: scaring the lunch out of yourself on that fearsome water-slide, lying with your butt in the water, head laid back in the sun, trailing feet and hands along the ripples as you float down the lazy river for an hour or two, workshops, sleeping in, hanging with friends, practicing, or – if you are on staff – working your butt off from early in the morning till late at night when you fall down dead for two hours with your swollen feet propped up on the headboard.

Here are yesterday’s Jack and Jill dancers:

CHAMPION PRELIMS (no Semis – straight to Finals on Sunday) (Judges: Nathan Miller, Martin Parker, Angel, Katie Boyle, Barry Jones, Carrie Lucas, Michael Kielbasa, Buddy, and Chief Judge Phil Adams)

Ryan Crutcher
John Kirkconnell
Chris Dumond
Nick King
Kris Swearingen
Donnie Carl
John Lindo
Ben Morris
Michael Kielbasa
Rebecca Ludwick
Alyssa Glanville
Melissa Rutz
Patty Vo
Jen Deluca

ALLSTAR PRELIMS (straight to Finals) (Judges: Laurie, Martin, Angel, Michael Kiehm, Katie, Buddy, Barry, Carrie, Ch J Phil)

Keith Stremmel
Alfred Lee
Andrew Slac
Gary Thompson
Matt Nichols
Reginald Beason
Steve Hunt (UK)
Bob Tucker
John Piper
Michael Krause
Scott Mason
Josh Sturgeon
Edwin Li
Jason Taylor
Brad Whelan
Patrick Toepel
Julien Vallier (France)
Josh Williamson
Tony Schubert
Michael Miller
Mark Bume
JB Brodie
Jerome Louis (France)
Diego Borges (Brasil)
Steve Hall (UK)
Kevin Kane
Warren Pino
Kevin Bretney
Brandon Gautreux
Connor Goodmanson
Kyle Patel
Cody Antelope
Michael Smith
Kara Frenzel
Tiffany Lubran
Estelle (France)
Anastasia Tsimbodis
Kendra Zara
Jessica Pacheco Caeta (Brasil)
Ellyn Brady
Dawne Kiehm
Lindsay Nastos
Sharon Her
Amber Ripley
Keri Amedeo
Lara Deni
Shannon Tobin
Beverly Brunerie (France)
Irina Puzanova (Russia)
Angie Jones
Peggy Allen
Heather Mcpherson

ADVANCED PRELIMS (straight to Finals) (Judges: Nathan Miller, Buddy, Dawn, Laurie Schwimmer, Laureen, Deborah, Carrie, Chuck, Ch J Phil)

Patrick Plagens
Andrew Sunada
Kofi Anan (France)
CJ Caraway
Steven Van Nguyen
Bret Navarre
Nick De Vre
Koichi Tsunada
Joseph Ivy
Carson Brand
Travis Wright
J. Erik Thompson
Thomas Carter
Matt Richey
Martin Brown
Alex Waller
Mark Pablo
Paul Fritzler
Robert Campos
Alexander Vlahos
Hareesh Kapoor
Mike Anderson
Matt Richey
David Hemmerich
Mike Davis
Christopher Matsuno
Daria Mikloukhina
Maria Ford
Larissa Tingle
Jessica Rosenbloom
Susan Bron
Olga Hermann
Nakedria Higgins
Michelle Dittfach
Kristen Humphrey
Rehana Loncar
Sarah De Sousa
Samia Amrani
Victoria Henk
Mikaila Finley
Danielle White
Amanda Mckamey
Lisa Scott
Leslie Bricker
Rochelle Hoffler
Giselle Jagai
Liana Claxton
Christina Ponce
Kate Lovegrove
Joelle Noire (France)
Maggie Sakadelis
Laurie Shaffer
Maddie Finley
Dani Canziani
Gail Jacobson
Ashley Yorek
Deanna Kirchen

INTERMEDIATE PRELIMS – Three heats of 21 couples (Judges: Nathan, Angel, Buddy, Dawne, Laurie, Laureen, Deborah, Chuck, Ch J Phil)

And here’s who made INTERMEDIATE SEMIS:

Gabe Toepel
Sammy Powers
Andrew Shellard
Jeremy Govert
Mike Carringer
Christopher Chung (Hawaii)
Matthew Lietzke
Nick Moor
David Dobyns
Vivian Arnaud
Derek Koh
Jay Groh
Zo Carroll
Jeff Smith
Michael Heath (Lubbock)
Devin Guillano
Austin Kios
Sean Carney
Julian Lange
Grant Simpson
Peter Elliott
Tracy Preston
ERica Piper
Shani Harpak
Hailey Toro
Jessica Green
Phallon Tillis
Christy Parker
Ashley Mccoach
Sharell Weeams
Rebecca Savoca
Kristen Arieti
Allison Strong
Sammi Sekhon
Delphine Grivel
Rachel Kumar
Jessica Mrray
Britny Delp
Rachel Martin (UK)
Darlene Graziano
Hannah Meyer

NOVICE PRELIMS – Three heats of 19 couples (Judges: Angel, Buddy, Dawne, Laurie, Laureen, Deborah, Carrie, Chuck, Ch J Phil)

And here’s who made NOVICE SEMIS!

Paul Bishop
Kevin Menkal
Gordian Gossen (Germany)
Guy Livneh (Israel)
Allen Vlbicht
Michael Caro
Rick Barfield
Ed Halladay
Daniel Zinkan
Scott Larson
Aaron Selfridge
Joseph Gleason
Jim Davis
Andrew Tai
Raymond Byun
Ulric Dihle
Brent Walker
Marquis Campbell
Alex Diekmann
Bradley Hyde
Sean Sommer
Monty Norris
Benjamin Meyer
Josh Entz
Jason Abner
Danny Vazquez
Charity Gore
Galia Ilanov (Israel)
Louise Weinland
Alison Davis
Chinny Hoan
Mindy Halladay
Julie Meliot
Trista Eazell
Teveya Dobish
Katie Clemons
Sophie Roseau (France)
Mary Caroll
Cassandra Stathas
Leslie Kanda
Kelly Baer
Crrnne schwartz
Megan Maguire
Ali Ankeny
Leslie Kittredge
Shelbie Nelson
Marylou Starr
Caitlin McCarthy
Christie Oldham
Karissa Bondeson
Terri Bilyeu
Morgan Karns

MASTERS PRELIMS (straight to finals) (Judges: Nathan, Buddy, Dawn, Laurie, Deborah, Carrie, Chuck, Chief Judge Phil):

Gregory Moravan
Dan Rowland
Martin Brown
Bob Pendleton
Zo Carroll
Lou Szed
Don Bennett
Warren D’Aquin
Michael Booth
Gary Thompson
Ed Halladay
Alexander Vlahos
Warren Pino
Wayne Brodd
Robert Robinson
Tip West
Jim Davis
Jay Groh
Michael Krause
David Walkup
Robin Paiken
Kelly Wentling
Beverly Solazzo
Mindy Halladay
Laura Thompson
Cindy Sherman
Glenda Smith
Mary Carroll
Laurie Shafer
Dawn Deeks
Trudy Thatcher
Gail Jacobson
Darlene Graziano
Seng Merrill
Shauna Connelly
Brigid Kruger
Brenda Wood
Denise Jeong
Joann Podleski
Louise Weinland
Kathy Mccorkle
Michelle Dittfach
Sylvia Berman
Chen Burk
Betty Whyte

And  …  We are waiting for Finals to be posted!


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