US OPEN 2013 – Update #13

Oops I’ve been told I forgot four divisions!


1ST PLACE Daelus Lu Jiaji and Marjorie Bertrand
2nd Andre Silva and Stepanie Chen
3rd Austin Scharnhorst and Tarlia Gee
4th Philippe Berne and Mindy Halladay
5th Jesse Lopez and Shirlei Toledo Leite
6 Dante Quazzo and Alina Hah
7 James Druzdzel and Flore Merlier
8 Tristan Cachoz and Celine Germain
9 STephane Guijarro and Trista Eazell
10 Daniel Roero and Ekaterina Kovalenko


1ST PLACE Allan Skinner and Alison Duchatel
2nd Olivier Duplay and Alison Strong
3rd Midhail Kovalenko and Rebecca Savoca
4th Matthew Lietzke and Tracy Wang
5th Jeremy Govert and Alina Mihai
6 Tip West and Dalena Lee
7 Casey Fowler and Jennifer Molle
8 Matthew Maddin and Ty Thomas
9 James Mattus and Sammi Sekhon
10 Adi dacudao and Bryn Anderson
11 Quentin Ducret and Michelle Crozier
12 Tommy Schwegmann and Marylnn Lane
13 Ben O’Neal and Lois Petersen


1ST PLACE Elysia Somerfield (with Clint Glasgow)
2nd Olga Hermann (with Michael Kielbasa)
3rd Bryn Anderson (with Brandon Parker)
4th Marie-Claude Lafleur (with Gerald Cote)
5th Trista Eazell (with Sean McKeever)
6 Karla Catana (with Nicki Silton’s husband)
7 Jen Soto (also Mrs. Silton’s husband)
8 Heather Crowe (with John Kirkconnell)
9 Julianne D’Amico (with HER DAD! Lisa’s husband)
10 Monica Bryan (with Gerald Cote)


1ST PLACE Tommy Brodie (with Kellese)
2nd Peter Srethabhakti (with Mackenzie)
3rd Mark Slater (with DAUGHTER CHEVY! BEAUTIFUL!)
4th Nikhil Shahi (with Nicki Silton)
5th Robert McChesney (with Yvonne Wayne)

I’m still in the hotel but I am the ONLY dancer left in this entire hotel it is so WEIRD it’s like the US Open never existed it’s silent and empty there’s no trace of it ever having even happened.

I just went into the restaurant for soup and it’s all weirdo non-dancing strangers in there instead of an entire packed noisy room of dear wonderful people who dance and I know every single one of them and I love them and where is everybody WAAAAAA I THINK I’M HAVING A MELTDOWN I HATE EVERYONE.


I spent today talking on the phone and dumping pictures from cards onto my computer. Oh my god I have so many good pictures – thousands of pictures! I’ll be getting them online sloooowly cause that’s my style evidently but here’s the Facebook album called, nah duh, US Open 2013  Happy to email or dropbox the originals if there are pictures you’d like to have.

Tomorrow I fly home to winter in Washington DC.

But! In three days Chuck Brown holds his After Party event,

(Get it? It’s the “After Party” of the Open. Isn’t that a great name? Here’s the website:  The After Party )

and I’m betting lots of non-USers will still be here in the states and will be partying hard at the After Party. Can’t wait to hear about it. It’s a famously funny, relaxed, fun event.

Lots, lots, LOTS to tell about the Open. It was magnificent.

And the drama! This year wins the prize for drama.

0hmy GAWD.


One response to “US OPEN 2013 – Update #13

  1. Dear Liza,

    We are fairly new to WCS and enjoy it very much, but now that we have discovered your insights, behind the scenes reporting and general information, we say thank you!


    -Richard and Fiona.

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