US OPEN 2013 – Update #12



1ST PLACE Jordan and Tatiana
2nd Gary and Susan
3rd Ben and Jen
4th Ronnie and Brandi
5th Kyle and Sarah
6 Josh and Lindsey
7 Ben and Cameo
8 Maxence and Virginie G
9 Maxime and Virginie P
10 Lee and Fabienne
11 Kris and Rebecca
12 Sean and Courtney
13 Clint and MacKenzie
14 Michael Kielbasa and Katie
15 Arjay and Rachael


1ST PLACE Benji and Torri
2nd Myles and Tessa
3rd Greg and Lemery
4th Lionel and Amandine
5th Ronnie and Laureen
6 Robert and Nicola
7 Brennar and Crystal
8 Rome and Chevy
9 Stephen and Sabrina
10 Bret and Tara
11 Luis and Jenn
12 Rob and Connie
13 Doug and Nicki
14 Arnaud and Maelle
15 Philippe and Flore
16 Matt and Kara
17 Piper and Leigh
18 Didier and Karine
19 Hareesh and Angela


1ST PLACE Nick Williams and Nikki Marvin
2nd Shesha Marvin and Irina Amzashvili
3rd Jesse Lopez and Johanna Culver
4th Luc Cohen-Wanis and Kimmery Thompson
5th Jason Le and Celina Avila
6th Reuben and Pamela Sosa


1ST PLACE Connor Rutledge and Karla Catana
2nd Nathan Frazier and Lauren Glaub
3rd Jonathan Kemp and Allison Pittman
4th Bradley Kemp and Ivy Claire Huiet
5th Ian and Emily Hull


1ST PLACE Christopher and Nicole
2nd Cameron and Victoria
3rd Josh and Anyssa
4th John and Alison
5th Zachary and Hannah
6th Tyler and Julianne
7th Ben and Shelbie
8th Jason and Lexie


1ST PLACE Barry and Patty
2nd Sam and Lisa West
3rd Scott and Dawne
4th Kurt and Heather
5th Shane and Keri
6 Tom and Sossy
7 Paul Fritzler and Lara Deni
8 Jeffrey and Susan
9 Richard and Susan Defelice
10 Kevin and Tammy
11 Jim and Joanna Chisholm
12 Michael and Amy shibasaki
13 Tip West and Teveya Dovbish


1ST PLACE David Walkup and Darlene Graziano
2nd Michael booth and Cheryl Grampp
3rd Wayne and Cynthia Rohr
4th Dave and Judy Megaffin
5th Don Baker and Rhonda Diamond
6 Bob Budzynski and Deborah White
7 Fred Baron and Laura Moats
8 Louie Juarez and Tish Varletti
9 Martin Brown and Millie Szerman
10 Peter Witte and Giny Howe


1ST PLACE Craig Smith and Micheline Marnol
2nd Jesse Lopez and Brooke Brown
3rd Hero
4th Latin Hustle and Theatre Arts Team
5th Andy Dominguez and Rosie Campos
6 I’m Done
7 Bret Navarre and Morgan Karns
8 Kurt Senser and Heather Powers
9 Ivan Berkovic and Dena Weier
10 D’Troupe


1ST PLACE Go Dance Swing Team
2nd The Fly Rights
3rd Gones n’ Roses
4th Shagtime 2
5th Gen Gap
6 Swingin’ In The Rain
7 Project Swing
8 Raw Connection
9 The Atomic Lindy Hop Colliders
10 Southern Fried Swing
11 The Swingsters


1ST PLACE Diego and Jessica
2nd JB and Emeline
3rd Stephen and Fabienne
4th Ryan and Anyssa
5th PJ and Lindsey
6 Piper and MacKenzie
7 Clint and Kara
8 Cameron and Rebecca
9 Steven and Sonya
10 Kyle and Beverly
11 Reginald and Victoria


1ST PLACE Zachary Skinner and Angelique Aimo Boot
2nd Matt Richey and Marina Motronenko
3rd David Guido and Maddy Platts
4th Edson Modesto and Katia Avlasevich
5th Tommy Brodie and Nicki Silton
6 Mike Carringer and Larisa Tingle
7 Shane McIntyre and Kristen Humphrey
8 Barry Carothers and Samia Amrani
9 Brandon Parker and Shantala Davis
10 Gerald Cote and Cintia Fiaschi
11 Brian Bennett and Taylor Bechtold


1ST PLACE Tommy Brodie and Bryn Anderson
2nd David Guido and Malena Eckenrod
3rd Zachary Skinner and Julianne D’Amic0
4th Ben O’Neal and Tiffany Rekem
5th Conner Rutledge and Mara Zaharatos
6th Jason Abner and Tessa Greer
7th Benjamin Meyer and Shelbie Nelson
8th Nathan Frazier and Hannah Meyer


1ST PLACE Chips and Carrie
2nd Warren and Laurie
3rd Gary and Janice
4th Patrick and Jill
5th Louie and Cynthia
6 Martin and Nancy
7 Tip and Jennifer
8 Stanley and Mindy


1ST PLACE Noah Veon and Allison Pittman
2nd Kyle Sellers and Kayla Henley
3rd Johnathan Kemp and Ivy Claire Huiet
4th Bradley Kemp and Sydney West
5th Jackson Duke Batten and Logan Gable
6 Cody Morgan and Lizzie Batten
7 Trey Henley and Adriana Liggins
8 Mack West and Isley Turner


1ST PLACE Nick Williams and Brittany Calavitta
2nd Charles Mallari and Nikki Marvin
3rd andrew Jose and Celina Avila
4th Hareesh Kapoor and Irina Amzashvili
5th Michael Sievert and Katina Vallens
6 Nick Jenkins and Laura Keat
7 Shesha Marvin and Krystle Yacoban
8 Matt Richey and Abri Siebert
9 Alex Madrid and Katina Vallens
10 Jay Tatco-Nowak and Cristi Mallari
11 James Bianco and Johanna Miller
12 Jason Le and Katrina Repka
13 Justin Zillman and Sherry Mudell
14 Luc Cohen-Wanis and Jaime Oliver
15 Tommy Schwegmann and Chelsea Albin
16 Reuben Sosa and Natalia Eristavi
17 Chris Clark and Pamela Sosa
18 Jack Chen and Kimmery Thompson
19 Jess Lopez and Kelli Wilkerson


1ST PLACE Robert and Yenni
2nd Sean and Sarah
3rd Ben Morris and Torri
4th Kyle and Courtney
5th Benji and Tatiana
6 Maxence and Jen Deluca
7 Arjay and Kellese
8 Michael Kielbasa and Malia
9 Luis and Lemery
10 Brennar and Connie
11 Parker and Brandi
12 Ben McHenry and Alyssa
13 Brent and Crystal


1ST PLACE PJ and Emeline
2nd Diego and Sharon
3rd Reginald Beason and Marina
4th Clint and Kara
5th Edson and Rebecca
6 Lee and Virginie P
7 Hugo and Lindsey
8 Ryan and Heather
9 Tze Yi and Jessica Pacheco
10 Joshua Sturgeon and Janelle
11 JB and Taylor Harrell
12 Tony Scubert and Larisa
13 Piper and Tashina
14 Wee Tee and Dalena
15 Connor and Lisa
16 Shaheed and Kristen Humphrey


1ST PLACE Patrick Plagens and Peggy Allen
2nd Warren Pino and Laurie Shafer
3rd Michael Booth and Trish Connery
4th Gary and Laura Thompson
5th Chips Hough and Janice Salmon
7th Martin Brown and Kristie Vian
8th Louie Juarez and Susan Fries
9th Ed and Mindy Halladay
10th Bob Budzynski and Cynthia Rohr


1ST PLACE Brent and Kayla Henley
2nd Brennar and Torri
3rd Sam West and Sydney West
4th Noah Veon and Lisa West
5th Jim and Dale Hern
6th Jackson Duke Batten and Sarah West Kemp


1ST PLACE Shesha and Nikki Marvin
2nd Nick Williams and Laura Keat
3rd Michael Siebert and Katina Vallens
4th Jack Chen and Brittany Calavitta
5th Justin Zilman and Natalia Eristavi
6th Anddrew Jose and Chelsea Albin
7 James Bianco and Irina Amzashvili
8 Charles Mallari and Celina Avila
9 Thomas Achwegmann and Katrina Repka
10 Matt Richey and Kelli Welkerson
11 Ale Madrid and Cristi Mallari


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