US Open 2013 – Update #11

It is sunny here again and


Tony Schubert and Larisa
Wee Tee Ming and Dalena
Shaheed and Kristen
Lee and Virginie P
PJ and Emeline
Edson and Rebecca
Hugo and Lindsay
Ryan and Heather
JB and Taylor
Clint and Kara
Joshua Sturgeon and Janelle
Reginald Beason and Marina
Piper and Tashina
Connor and Lisa Picard
Tze Yi Wee and Jessica Pacheco
Diego and Sharon Her

Maxence and Jen
Benji and Tatiana
Arjay and Kellese
Robert and Yenni
Parker and Brandi
Ben Mcenry and Alyssa
Sean and Sarah
Luis and Lemery
Kielbasa and Malia
Brennar and Connie
Brent and Crystal
Kyle and Courtney
Ben Morris and Torri


A full day of amazing amazing routines!

Everyone says this is the best US Open in 31 years of Opens.

And now we’re running down for ANOTHER day of astonishing dancing.

Just went to bed – at 7:30 am – jumped back out of bed in a panic two hours later – and have been furiously drinking coffee while running back and forth around this room in a daze trying to decide what to do first consequently wasting an entire precious hour doing nothing but running around in a daze – this update is probably not coherent sorry too much coffee not much brains here I’ll say more later there’s a lot to say a WHOLE lot to say

Watch it! You can’t be here to feel it but you can watch it!

Young America, Young Adult, Cabaret … sheesh …

Watch it on Global Dance TV! All Friday’s and yesterday’s routines have already been posted – WATCH THEM! YOU’LL FAINT WITH DELIGHT! Masters, Sophisticated, Classic Prelims and Finals – SOOOOOO many new routines, CRAZY great!

okaybye running back down to the ballroom


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