US Open 2013 – Update #7

Dancing is WILD! Already! And it’s only 10:30 holy mackerel it’s crazy here already.

Where’d all these people suddenly appear from? It was so quiet two hours ago – and now the hotel is spewing dancers from every elevator and hallway – the place is packed!

Jack, Ben, and Sonny DJing some bad ass music in the Pasadena room right off the lobby and dancing is NUTS in the room and right outside the door;  and all around the lobby; and in the bar; and between suitcases in the line waiting at the front desk. Mob scene!

Brasilians are here! I just hugged three at once! Very tired, very happy to have made it – 17 hours to get here!

Russians zooming by! Frenchies throwing each other onto the carpet! English rushing around! Germans! Israelis! Everyone hugging and dashing and jumping and kissing and running all over the place. And DANCING!

Oh, and there is a HOT TUB at this hotel! Who knew? There’s a second pool – with a hot tub! It’s in the other tower – the one next to the gift shop – the “west” tower maybe it’s called?  Hiding at the way very end of the hallway on the second floor of that other tower. We know this because we just met Cameron Crook and Christopher Dumond on their way.

Oh, and today I received 14 snapchat videos and pictures – every single one was friends on their way to the Open, and in every single one they’re staring at the camera without smiling while holding a tall cup of coffee in my face. Pretty hilarious. Wish I could save snapchats!

I LOVED Jim’s “Relative Placement” and Yvonne’s “Judging” lectures – more about them later.  Now I’m going back down to dance!


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