US Open 2013 – Update #6

It’s Wednesday!

Slow trickle of early arrivals, dark winter coats, scarves, pillows, tired suitcases – blinking bloodshot eyes at the dazzling Southern California sunshine.

Gorgeous shiny blue weather here today!

Hotel is already buzzing. The staff seem wary and preoccupied, eying us suspiciously like they’re gearing up for an invasion. Guys in important-looking suits rearranging furniture in the lobby and talking fast on headphones.

Mary Ann Nunez is currently teaching the Golden State Dance Teachers Association “Dance EXCELLeration Program – a teacher training and certification program Skippy Blair has been conducting for 50 years.

At 5:00pm Jim Tigges will speak about Relative Placement:

“UNDERSTANDING RELATIVE PLACEMENT” plus Q&A. (Producer Room in the East Tower)

… and at 6:00pm Yvonne Antonacci (Chief Judge) will speak about judging:

“JUDGING AT THE OPEN” – Format, procedures, Q&A. (Producer Room in the East Tower)

I’ll be at both lectures – tell you about them next update.

If you’re still packing … Consider a smokin’ hot outfit for Sunday Night Awards and most importantly:

SHOES! Killer Lady Gaga shoes.

(Awards for the new Jack and Jills/Strictlys are Friday and Saturday nights. But Sunday’s Awards is where you dress up. Especially if you might be receiving an Award. Shoes! Shoes! It’s all about the shoes!)


Denny’s (across from the hotel) is open 24 hours!

And!  If you show them your US Open wristband they’ll give you 20% off your bill!

And!  Denny’s offers a decent Thanksgiving Turkey dinner on Thursday!

Also! Del Taco – right across from the hotel – is open 24 hours every day.

Also! Also! Lance noticed that my description of prize money was unclear.  Lance writes,

“The amounts you listed are for winning the NASDE Tour, not winning Classic and/or Showcase. There is a separate $6,000 purse for each of those division. The NASDE Tour includes points from Classic/Showcase, Pro Strictly, and Pro Jack & Jill at 12 events throughout the year.”

Also! Also! Also! I have been corrected.  Some Republicans do shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. I know one personally.


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