MadJam 2014 Update #4 – Free LiveStream All Weekend!

Lazy day today.

It’s 1:30 pm here, Pro-Am Strictlys started at noon, so far we’re on Novice Leader (three couples per heat, Bill Cameron on the mic.)

Other than workshops that’s it for the schedule today.

Tonight on the schedule – only Strictlys.

And then – all night dancing!

Last night’s dance was fun. This year not many out-of-towners here on Thursday (flight issues? or just decided not to come till Friday?) so it was mostly our local DC community. We’re huge enough to fill a ballroom all by ourselves.

By tonight everyone will have arrived and late-night dancing should be even more fun. Dave says he’s expecting 1,400-1,600 dancers this year, more non-US’ers than ever before. I like that!

No mind-numbing hustle heats this year! I like that, too! I will miss those modest, understated costumes though.

Do you want to watch the live stream? You can, all weekend, for free!  Click here! 


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