City of Angels 2014 Update #2 – WHO MADE FINALS?


Novice 20 couples, and here’s who made finals!

Kevin Williams and Jamie Powers
Alex Chen and Aurelia Yee
Babak Shaker and D’Leene Peet
Lance Armstrong and Emi Hiwatari
Zacc Gansert and Ellen Peck
Andrew Tai and Csilla Felsen
Brian Sforzo and Hilla Mohar
Victor Chen and Katya De Souza
Jason Wyman and Shantel Shaver
Vinh Mines and Amy Daniels
Bobby Watson and Christie Oldham
Kwilanza Crawford and Kristine Dougherty
(alts Bryan Gin and Sharon Hsia; and Mark Henderson and Magdalene Sakadelis)

Novice Music (DJs Ruby and Victor):

“A Good Time With The Blues” (Phantom Blues Band)
Yeah” (Usher)
“Liar Liar” (Cris Cab)
oops didn’t catch the rest

Intermediate 29 Couples, and here’s who made finals!

Bryson Daich and Denise Gibson
Jeff Smith and Marylou Starr
Daniel Romero and Clarise Okwach
Adi Dacudao and Tenia Worick
Aidan Keith-Hynes and Shuyan Liang
Jonathan Rogul and Joanna Chisholm
Jeremy Govert and Molly King
Alonto Mangandog and Corrinne Ray Schwartz
Jeffrey Leonard and Karen Leonard
Austin Kois and Rachel Kumar
Alex Wood and Ann Wood
Jonah Deitz and Michelle Beltran
(alts: Michael Caro and Chelsea Long, and Andrew Vogel and Claire Murphy)

And here’s Intermediate music:

“Take Back The Night” (Justin Timberlake)
“The Beast” (Milt Buckner)
“I Want It All” (Karmin)
“Play That Funky Music” (Wild Cherry)  Mario: “Raise your hand if you competed to that song when it first came out. I did. I roller-skated to that song.”
“Love You Like a Love Song” (Selena Gomez)
“Blues Stew” (Kenny Nef)
“Crickets” (Drop City Yacht Club)
“Brokenhearted” (Karmin)

Advanced/Allstar Prelims:

Tien Khieu and Tashina Beckmann
Steven Spellman and Bonnie Lucas
Warren Pino and Liza Hillman
Gary Thompson and Nicki Silton
Brad Whelan and Shannon Tobin
Eric Jacobson and Lara Deni
PJ Turner and Shantala Davis (But Shantala didn’t show up! Poooooor PJ had to sit out on the sideline with a moping face. This is a man who evidently is unable to be serious, ever, about anything. He can stand there not moving a muscle and he’s hilarious. Anyway, Shantala wasn’t in the ballroom and didn’t answer her phone so they didn’t dance. But wait, there’s more.)
Chris Wrigley and Diana Jaunzeikare
Jerome Subey and Zena Knight (ZENA! That is Dr. Zena, one more year to go at Harvard and then she may be back in California.)
Mark Narang and Marie Remigereau
John Piper and Victoria Henk
Devin Guiliano and Erica Piper
Marcus Sterling and Natalie Fisher
Joshua Baime and Allie Strong
Jason Sun and Karla Catana
Mike Carringer and Hannah Guttman
Andrew Opyrchal and Delanie Lewis
Matthew Lietzke and Michelle Crozier
Andrew Sunada and Rehanna Loncar
Matt Richey and Larisa Tingle
Thomas Carter and Maddie Finley
Patrick Plagens and Jade Ruiz
Matthew Leszczenski and Jessica Laufer
Mike Anderson and Laura Klipp
Randy Hallner and Tammy Duke
Robert Campos and Meon Saroz

And here’s who made Advanced/Allstar Finals (spotlight) and their music!

Matt and Larisa danced to “Trophy Room” (City Lights)

Piper and Henk, “Set It Off” (Timomatic)

Mike and Hannah, “Ima Go” (Taio Cruz) (my notes said “down down down wichu baby ima go bam ima go boom ima be the one who all night long ask alfred) I did ask Alfred (that’s Alfred Lee) on the elevator, he said Liza that’s the same song you’ve asked me about twice before.

Lara and Eric, “Own This Club” (Marvin Priest)

Andrew and Rehanna, “Boom Boom” (Justice Crew)

Randy and Tammy, “Wild Ones” (Flo Rida)

Jerome and Zena, “Everybody” (Justice Crew)

Brad and Shannon, “Titanium” (David Guetta)

Tien and Tashina, “Turn The Night Up” (Enrique Iglesias)

Thomas and Maddy, “Beauty And A Beat” (Justin Bieber)

Andrew and Delanie, “The Other Side” (Jason Derulo)

Masters (straight to Finals):

Warren Pino and Joni Rivera
Gary Thompson and Laura Thompson
Michael Stephens and Carrie Lucas
Michael Salvador and Jill Aversa
Jim Slusher and Tina Slusher
Mike Gadberry and Peggy Allen
Patrick Plagens and Susy Fries
Philip Greenall and Trish Connery-Walkup
Louis Juarez and Katie Sellards

Masters Music:

“Ladies Night” (Tufts Beezlebubs)
“Mad” (Anthony Hamilton)
“More” (Usher)

Champions Prelims:

oh darn – left my notes in the ballroom. I can tell you that there were 18 couples, and we were all saying to each other “No way. There is not a single couple out there who doesn’t belong in finals. Not one.”

I’m not just blowing smoke here. No possible way to judge this division except by personal style preference. There were no mistakes (of the kind that would matter, that is) and every couple blinded you with creativity on every song. I’ll find my notes tomorrow and tell you who all the prelim couples were, but here’s what Victor played for prelims:

“Ain’t To Proud To Beg” (Joshua Ledet)
“Up, Down, Do This All Day” (T. Pain and B.L.B.)
“Make The World Go Round” (DJ Cassidy feat R. Kelly)
“Respect” (Aretha)

And here’s who made Champion finals:

Robert Royston and Yenni, “That’s The Way Love Goes” (Janet Jackson)

Matt Auclair and Jen Deluca, “Boom Boom” (Justice Crew) (in which Jen got stuck in the dreaded bent-over mid-duck-out position because it seemed Matt had a change of heart and decided to un-duck her by walking in the wrong direction which knowing Matt he may very well have done on purpose)

Benji and Nicole, “Music” (Leela James) (in which Hannah lost a shoe in a drop which actually was a drop)

PJ and Shantala, “Ode To Billy Joe” (Bobby Gentry) (and yes, this is the rest of the story! So they didn’t dance in Adv/Allstar, they danced in Champions! And made finals! And when their names were announced they got a long, rousing standing ovation which might have been booing. But loving booing. Mario said “You obviously have no friends in here at all.“)

Jordan and Jessica, “Give It To You”(Robin Thicke)

Parker and Sarah, “I Get Lost”

Kyle and Tatiana, oh darn what’s the name of that Argentine Tango-ish song, instrumental, dang it forgot to write it down – Tatiana played Kyle like an upright bass, reaching her arms around him from behind and strumming his chest with one hand while fretting up and down his sternum with the other. It went on for a while. The look on Kyle’s face? Priceless. The rest of the dance was beautifully tango-like, elegant, severe, and hilarious.

Chris Dumond and Melissa, oh darn, great song I remember I loved the song, loved their dancing to the song, forget what the song was daggnabbit.

John Lindo and Courtney, “Give Me The Night” (George Benson)

Ben and Torri, “Missing Your Love” (Kemistry) (Torri soooo sexy in lollipop-red lips)

And the All-Skate to that wonderful new Mapei song, “Don’t Wait”

Mario! Photo Booth! In N’ Out Burger and Home-Made Ice Cream trucks! Ballroom jammed and hopping as I write this, 3am. Loads more to tell about tomorrow!


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