City of Angels 2014 Update #3 – JACK AND JILLS!

Friday 499FacebookJack an Jills just started! Gotta run down there! Lemme talk really fast:

Brad’s FANTASTIC pictures FREE all weekend! Thanks to Mike Gadberry, Event Director of one of our favorite comps – Desert City!

In the great tradition of arts patronage, Mike has donated $32,000 to Brad for the weekend so Brad can provide his fabulous pictures at no cost.

Tonight – Saturday Night Los Angeles style! Brad’s Photoshoot on the Red Carpet! Tuxes! Lipstick! Heels! And it’s free!

Little side-table in the room has mirror surface, very nice.
Do NOT look down at yourself in a mirror.

The BALLROOM! Gorgeous. Feels twice as big as last year, spacious, breathable, and completely full house.

They opened it up width and depth, elegant round tables all the way back, no risers thank the lord (can’t be helped in some ballrooms but I’m not a big fan of risers,) two big screens in the corners, gorgeous white backdrop …

AWESOME lighting, good-as-it-gets lighting thanks to Tom Perlinger – lighting which is elegant, classy, respectful, clear communication, thoughtful of the dancers, cameras, and audience …

Find myself noticing these same qualities over and over in every thing Ronnie and Brandi put their hands to: their ballroom, their lighting, their sound, the flow of the weekend, how they talk, how they dance, how they teach …

Oh, and Brandi is a blonde! With bangs! I keep passing her thinking wow who’s that hot young thing wonder where she’s from OH WAIT! WHAT TH-? IS THAT BRANDI?!? Seriously – she looks like Brandi’s 18-yr-old baby sister.

Oh, and two other people told me they’re getting static calls. There’s a Static Caller in our dance community! Easy solution: unplug your phone. Took me two days to figure that out.

Kyle and Tat’s song from last night – Gotan Project, “Santa Maria” Thank you Dmitry and Laura!

This event is packed. Have to ask how many registrations. Great feel – big but not too big for the hotel.

Running down AUGHGHGH late always late …


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