SwingDiego 2014 Update #2 – WATCH FOR FREE!

Social dancing here – OFF THE CHARTS!

Best music we have EVER heard, ever, at any comp, ever. I am in heaven! Even Genieboy is loving the music – that never happens!

Everyone we talk to is AMAZED by the music this weekend! That includes comp music too – it’s just WOW!

(With the exception of one division last night, which wasn’t as wow as all the other hours of amazing treasures of the best songs in the universe.)

Busy jam-packed schedule, so many competitions, so much SUPERB social dancing (omg the level of dancing and enthusiasm here – my head’s spinning.)

FOURTEEN Showcase couples last night – hope I have time later today to describe a few – and ELEVEN Rising Star! Six of them new to us. Wow, the level of Rising Star! Mind blowing.

Strictlys all day yesterday, Jack and Jills all day today – but first, in one hour … CLASSIC PRELIMS!

You can watch the livestream all weekend, here.


WOW the energy level! Crazy!

Seriously – this is THE event to be at – as close to perfect as a west coast event can possibly be.

This is the Big League. “Superbowl of Swing” is the nickname and it certainly is just that. Every passionate dancer from around the world – if they can possibly manage it – is here. The level of happy is contagious. Everyone’s smiling!

Here’s who danced routines yesterday:


Lamarr Williford and Kristin Bowen (Chicago) – “Show You How To Love” (Pentatonix)

Matthew Leszcsenski and Shanna Porcari (California) – “Pompeii” (Bastille)

Peter Fradley and Michelle Fletcher (Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie) – “Don’t You Worry Child” (Swedish House Mafia)

David and Kathryn Moody (North Carolina) – “Someting’s Wrong” (Billy D and the Hoodoos)

TJ Bednash and Marine Fabre (DC and California) – “Jump” (Girls Aloud)

Chris Brown and Malena Eckenrod (Texas) – “Macario Leyva” (Montez de Durango)

Jonah Deitz and Michelle Crozier (California) – “Come Into My Kitchen”

Josh Danger and Liza Hillman (California) – “Trouble” (by Jason Mraz? just guessing)

Steve Hall and Kate Lovegrove (in a sheer negligee) (London) – “Showstopper” (Brandon and Leah)

Sammy Powers and Heather Fronczak (Chicago) – very cool classical-music violin cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”

Geoff Nighswonger and Shannon Tobin (California) – “Above The Radio” (Jon McLaughlin)


Geoff and Shannon! Again! (Because, as Robert explained, if you do Rising Star at SwingDiego you can also enter your routine in Classic or Showcase too, to see just how much you can manage to mortify yourself at one event)

Ben and Libby! First time out! “Take Care” (Florence and The Machine)

Barry and Patty, “Read All About It Part III” (Emili Sade)

Matt and Kara, “Blue Skies”

Rome and Chevy! NEW ONE AUGHGHGH! “Need Your Love” (Ellie Goulding) and other crazy mixed in stuff

Hareesh and Angela, and acapella something by Karmin

Greg and Lemery, “Trigger” (Kezwick and Mel Piesson)

Ronnie and Laureen, “Another Brick In The Wall”

Piper and Leigh, “We Found Love”

Myles and Tessa, updated costume, even better than the previous version if that is possibe, more later …

Robert and Nicola, THE best they’ve ever danced, more on this later, too …

Luis and Jen, also the best they’ve ever danced this more later aughghgh to much to tell so little time …


Nick and Cameo NEW!!! – “Pompeii” cover Jasmine Thompson

So much to tell – more in a few hours – and now …

Running down to see CLASSIC PRELIMS!
Watch the live stream!


2 responses to “SwingDiego 2014 Update #2 – WATCH FOR FREE!

  1. Thanks for the updates Liza!! Correction by the way: Matt and Kara “Moonshine” by Bruno Mars (not blue skies)

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