SwingDiego 2014 Update #6 – AWARDS!

Friday Night Early 934 - Processing - Facebook




  1. 1ST PLACE Gary Thompson and Jennifer Vaughn
  2. Patrick Plagens and Beverly Solazzo
  3. John Demenkoff and Glenda Smith
  4. Warren Pino and Carrie Lucas
  5. Wayne Brodd and Peggy Allen
  6. Dan Rowland and Laura Smith-thompson
  7. Genieboy Collins and Laurie Shafer
  8. Alexander Vlahos and Sherry Shahan
  9. Randy Payne and Michelle Dittfach
  10. Chris Dominguez and Abra Slater
  1. 1ST PLACE Marc Heldt and Larissa Thayane
  2. Fabio Lopes and Hang-mi Tran
  3. Derek Heeren and Fernanda Germano
  4. Daniel Romero and Anapaula Lima
  5. Karl Olney and Allison Carr
  6. Victor Chen and Aurelia Yee
  7. Kadu Pares and Luce Pasquini
  8. Bruno Teodoro and Aline Cleto
  9. Samir Zutshi and Alexis Stroble
  10. Jacob Marshall and Hanna Persson
  11. Brian Sforzo and Jennifer Ferreira
  12. Chuck-hou Yee and Daniele Kretli
  13. Fabio Quixada and Anna Kurynova
  14. Dan Robinson and Paula Teodoro
  1. 1ST PLACE Joao Vitor Parada Da Silva and Priscilla Ferreira
  2. Yoann Blache and Erica Piper
  3. Austin Scharnhorst and Sally Mccarthy
  4. Guilherme Abilhoa and Marianne Tiutan
  5. Lenderson Morais De Abreu and April Wong
  6. Tiago Ferreira and Jessica Murray
  7. Dirk Haage and Kristin Bowen
  8. Jason Toy and Sammi Sekhon
  9. Ralph Maddox and Pauline Fernandez
  1. 1ST PLACE Stephane Dominguez and Beverly Brunerie
  2. Steve Hall and Larisa Tingle
  3. Arnaud Perga and Emeline Rochefeuille
  4. Joshua Sturgeon and Kristen Humphrey
  5. Clint Glasgow and Shannon Tobin
  6. Jerome Subey and Madi Finley
  7. Steven Guido and Cintia Fiaschi
  8. Tony Schubert and Bella Viramontes
  9. Evan Pardo and Taylor Harrell
  10. Tommy Brodie and Heather Fronczak
  11. Edson Modesto and Stacy Kay
  1. 1ST PLACE Benji Schwimmer and Deborah Székely
  2. Kyle Redd and Tatiana Mollmann
  3. Diego Borges and Sarah Vann Drake
  4. Jordan Frisbee and Tashina Beckmann
  5. John Lindo and Alyssa Glanville
  6. Sean Mckeever and Melissa Rutz
  7. Ben Morris and Torri Smith
  8. Michael Kielbasa and Brandi Tobias
  9. Christopher Dumond and Patty Vo
  10. Maxime Zzaoui and Mackenzie Goodmanson
  11. Brenner Goree and Courtney Adair
  12. Brad Whelan and Tessa Cunningham



  1. 1ST PLACE Clint Glasgow and Kara Frenzel
  2. Jerome Subey and Larisa Tingle
  3. Edson Modesto and Samia El Amrani
  4. Diego Borges and Melena Bronson
  5. Tiago Ferreira and Jessica Pacheco
  6. Arnaud Perga and Caroline Reilhac
  7. Tony Schubert and Linda Cuccio
  8. Steve Hall and Hanna Clonch
  9. Lenderson Morais De Abreu and Delphine Grivel
  10. Peter Fradley and Kate Lovegrove
  11. Steven Guido and Courtney Mayer
  12. Scottt Mason and Shannon Tobin
  13. Matt Richey and Madelyn Finley
  14. Mike Anderson and Liza Hillman


  1. 1ST PLACE Kyle Redd and Jessica Cox
  2. Jordan Frisbee and Sarah Vann Drake
  3. Maxime Zzaoui and Alyssa Glanville
  4. Benji Schwimmer and Tatiana Mollmann
  5. Ben Morris and Brandi Tobias
  6. Maxence Martin and Torri Smith
  7. John Lindo and Patty Vo
  8. Michael Norris and Melissa Rutz
  9. Michael Kielbasa and Mackenzie Goodmanson
  10. P.j. Turner and Deborah Szekely


  1. 1ST PLACE Benji Schwimmer and Torri Smith
  2. Robert Royston and Nicola Royston
  3. Barry Jones and Patty Vo
  4. Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham
  5. Ronnie Debenedetta and Laureen Baldovi Mason
  6. Luis Crespo and Jennifer Pasetes
  7. Gregory Scott and Lemery Rollins
  8. Nicholas King and Cameo Cross
  9. Rome Slater and Chevy Slater Calvillo
  10. Ben Mchenry and Libby Collins
  11. Matt Richey and Kara Frenzel
  12. John Piper and Leigh Young
  13. Geoffrey Nighswonger and Shannon Tobin
  14. Hareesh Kapoor and Angela Baker
  1. 1ST PLACE Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann
  2. Gary Mcintyre and Susan Kirklin
  3. Ben Morris and Jennifer Deluca
  4. Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake
  5. Ronnie Debenedetta and Brandi Tobias
  6. Sean Mckeever and Courtney Adair
  7. Ben Mchenry and Cameo Cross
  8. Lee Easton and Fabienne Henshall
  9. Clint Glasgow and Mackenzie Goodmanson
  10. P.j. Turner and Tashina Beckmann
  11. Kristopher Swearingen and Rebecca Ludwick
  12. Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay
  1. 1ST PLACE Tj Bednash and Marine Fabre
  2. Joshua Danger Baime and Liza Hillman
  3. Chris Brown and Malena Eckenrod
  4. Peter Fradley and Michelle Fletcher
  5. Steve Hall and Kate Lovegrove
  6. Matthew Leszczenski and Shanna Porcari
  7. Sammy Powers and Heather Fronczak
  8. Lamarr Williford and Kristin Bowen
  9. Jonah Deitz and Michelle Crozier
  10. Geoffrey Nighswonger and Shannon Tobin
  11. David Moody and Kathryn Moody


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